jQuery Snippets

Here are list of JQuery code snippets updated ongoing bases

0. Attach Custom Function to HTML Element
(function ($) {
        var img_src = $(this).find('img').attr('src');

Here, we put everything in parentheses so it executes on page load while passing jQuery object and assign it to “$” symbol. Afterwards, search the html element with class ‘image_button’ and assign click event with our function. This function grabs src from one element and swaps with another

1. How to find events attached to particular element
$._data($('a[href="/node/56/edit"]')[0], "events");

the first element in the _date() function is the element. In our case, that is a link with an attribute of ‘href’ equal to specific path

or with chrome Developer tools select “inspect element’ on the element and then look at the righ

2. How to assign your custom methods to an DOM element
(function(window, document, $) {

var prototype = $.fn,
            placeholder = prototype.placeholder = function() {
			return this;
            function customFunciton() {
                    //do something
}(this, document, jQuery));

Here, the prototype refers the global prototype heap, so by assigning function placeholder() to the global prototype we make it available to call on any of the element we wish:


So this will assign the scope with all our custom function, so anyone can all the custom function ‘customFunction’ from now on

3. Ways to call your Custom function
$(window).on('load', function () {
    $('[data-ride="carousel"]').each(function () {
      var $carousel = $(this)

Here, onload event we search for dom element and then once found execute our costum method ‘carousel’

4. Stop Event

Once you attach an event to an element(i.e.btn-nav-toggle-responsive) to the link tag, you may want it not to go anywhere. In that case, you prevent the default behaviour


Here, we passing in the event ‘e’, so that we can call ‘preventDefault() that prevents from going to a different link

5. Trigger Event From Console

To trigger events from console:

var my_e = jQuery.Event("some_event_id");

This will trigger event ‘some_event_id’ from console
To trigger event from code:

            type: "reset_image_ds"
6. Load JS Library from Console

There are at least two ways:


In this approach we use jQuery libarary to load script ckeditor.js. An altertnative, is:

var script= document.createElement('script');
script.type= 'text/javascript';
script.src= 'script.js';

For stylesheets:

7. Decode String in jQuery

Perhaps, you garbed html text just to learn it is in the encoded form. To decode it back into html tags:

var decodedHtml = jQuery('<textarea/>').html("SOME-STRING-WITH-HTML-CHARACTERS").val();

This will take all html character symbols and convert to appropriate tags names

8. jQuerify HTML

Perhaps, you have raw HTML and you would like to make into jQuery elements, so you can take advantage of jQuery Lib:

var b = jQuery(decodedOldHtml);
var output = b.find('.wrapper-end').html();

This will take each html element and wrap into jQuery objects. Afterwards, you can call jQuery Api as we did here to find certain element(i.e. wrapper-end)

Note: You will get error –

“Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression:”

if the content you are trying to jQuerify(i.e. decodeOldHtml) is not wrapped into any tags. The good practice always wrap into some tags before jQuerify as following:

jQuery('<div>' + decodedOldHtml + '</div>');

This way you will avoid the Syntax error all times for text only content. The more important it will not break on ‘find’ calls by putting it all in one jQuery object. For more, see jquerify-string-to-find-element-fails. At last, ensure the wrapping tags are not ‘body’ because jQuery ignores the ‘body’ tag wrapper

9. Make jQuery Sandbox

It may be too long of name – jQuery to type each time, so what often is done is create jQuery sandbox and pass the “$” as jQuery object:

(function ($) {

Here,we first wrap our code into parentheses, so besides parsing it is also executed. In addition,for our code block, we pass in jQuery object by putting at the end and assigning it to “$” since its the parameter in the function.

Often times your code will do some manipulation on DOM, then you probably like to make sure DOM is loaded before the code in your sandbox is executed:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

So, we attach event ‘ready’ before executing the sandbox

At last, it may be the case you will merge your code with other javascript files, then add ‘;’ in front to avoid breaking the execution:

;jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
9. Remove and Replace DOM Elements

Some of the most common manipulations to the DOM is remove & replace. To remove element with its children:


This will remove the element ‘.find-me’ and all of the children(the tree) below
To replace an element or often times remove the element but not the children:

var cnt = $('.find-me').contents();

This will take out the element ‘.find-me’ but keep all the children intact.

JS Widget Boilerplate

There are probably several ways to setup and organize code for your JS widget. Here is one I find common and works well for me:

if (!window.VIRTUAL_HOSTY) {
     * @singleton
    window.VIRTUAL_HOSTY = (function ($) {

        //private variables come here...
        var base_url = window.BASE_URL || '/',
            log_on = false;

        //private function to initiate your widget
        var _init = function () {
            $(window.document).ready(function ($) {

        //public interface...the API for your widget
        return {
            set_base: function (some_val) {//function to set private variable
                base_url = some_val;
            get_base: function () {//function to retrieve private variable
                return base_url;
            init: function(){//public function called to initialize widget
            turnOnDebug: function () {//public function to turn on logging
                log_on = true;

Here we create global variable VIRTUAL_HOSTY that is the access point of our Widget. All the interaction happens via this variable. The VIRTUAL_HOSTY returns an object. All of the functions specified in this object is public. Everything else is private since we wrapped it into parentheses “()” making the scope execute at the time of load accessible only with the references in the returned object VIRTUAL_HOSTY

Once you have the widget lib file imported you can call on it:


Here,we turn on logging and then initiate our widget VIRTUAL_HOSTY

Importing and Exporting Products in Drupal Commerce

In prevous post Drupal Commerce Install and Setup, we went over on incorporating commerce functionality with Drupal and creating/displaying Products. In this post, we go over how to import/export Drupal commerce “products” as well as “product displays”. Important to note, there are “products” and then there are “product displays”. The “product display” is displaying one to many products referenced by the display. It is plain Drupal node with an extra field of type – product reference. The “product” is specific type provided by Commerce module.

Initially, I was thinking to use features for import and export products in drupal commerce store but it doesn’t have the capability for products to be featured, so the solution for us was using Views data export to export products and Commerce_feeds for importing products

Exporting Commerce Products

So, you have several products that you created with Drupal Commerce product installed and its UI. To export those products, we first create a view containing the products and then export this view via Views data export into CSV file

a) Install views_data_export and dependent modules
drush dl views_data_export
drush dl image_url_formatter
drush en views_data_export image_url_formatter
b) Create a view with products you like to export

Create a view with products you like to export. The view has to list each product field you like to export, so add each product field. Here are other specifics of the view:

  • ‘size’ is set to unlimited
  • give a display name in the Administration settings(in our example ‘theme_export_display’)
  • select image fields with field formatter ‘image_url’ (see module image_url_formatter) with setting ‘nothing’ for linking
    • Image url and ‘URI Path’ for Uri path.
  • ensure price is of type “raw amount”(i.e 8000 for $80.00)
  • ensure product status output format is ‘0/1’
  • Do not include Product ID.
  • keep field labels, so there is header in the export file
  • Format type for taxonomy fields are ‘link’
b) Configure View for export
  1. Add a new “Data export” display to your view.
  2. Change its “Style” to the desired export type. e.g. “CSV file”.
  3. Configure the options (such as name, quote, etc.). You can go back and do
    this at any time by clicking the gear icon next to the style plugin you just
  4. Give it a path in the Feed settings such as “path/to/view/csv”.
  5. Attach this view to the view containing the products you like to export by
    updating the “Attach to:” option in feed settings.
  6. Ensure “Items to Display” is set to “Display All”
c) Generate the file via drush command
drush views-data-export --format=csv VIEW-NAME VIEW-DISPLAY-NAME exports/product-exports/theme_export_Jan11_2014.csv --quote-values --strict=0 --header-row

This will take the view and create csv file from it.

Import Commerce Products

Once you have the csv file with commerce products an export generated as described above, we going to use Commerce_feeds for import this products in another Drupal instance

a) install commerce_feeds module and its dependent modules
drush dl feeds
drush dl feeds_ui
drush dl commerce_feeds
drush en feeds feeds_ui commerce_feeds

This install all the necessary artifacts for using commerce_feeds to import Drupal commerce products

b)Create New Feed Importer

Create a new feed importer named “Product Importer” at Administration -> Structure -> Feeds Importer -> Add Importer. Here are specifics of this importer:

  • Change the parser to “CSV Parser”
  • Change processor to “Commerce Product Processor”
  • In “Commerce Product Processor” settings use product type “product” (or whatever your product is) and change the “Author” to your username.
  • ensure Fetcher is of type ‘file upload’
  • In “mapping”, map:
    • SKU -> Product SKU
    • Title -> Product Title
    • Price -> Price: Amount
    • Image -> Image
    • Set ID as unique target.
    • …//so on with other product fields in the .csv file

c) Run import

Go to ‘/import’ url, use the Product Importer and import your products
Note: before importing, make sure you have copied the artifacts into the same location you importing from if there is any custom fields with artifacts

Exporting Product Displays

Everything would be the same if there wouldn’t be product reference field that links the multiple products to the particular display it is for. To import/export ‘product’ field, we will utilize modules ‘feeds_temper’ and ‘feeds_tamper_ui’ modules.

drush dl feeds_tamper
drush en feeds_tamper feeds_tamper_ui

Their responsibility is to take list of SKUs part of ‘products’ field and create multiple product references for each display at the time of import

a)Create a view

Create view with displays to export(i.e. view ‘theme_display_export’ with display name – ‘display_export’). Here are some important details about the view:

  • ensure result size of node is set to unlimited
  • ensure the output formatter for field ‘product’ is set ot ‘SKU no link’
  • ensure label is attached, so it generates csv with a header row

b) Configure View for export
  1. Add a new “Data export” display to your view.
  2. Change its “Style” to the desired export type. e.g. “CSV file”.
  3. Configure the options (such as name, quote, etc.)
  4. Give it a path in the Feed settings such as “path/to/view/csv”.
  5. Attach this view to the view containing the product displays you like to export by
    updating the “Attach to:” option in feed settings.
  6. Ensure “Items to Display” is set to “Display All”
c)Run Export

Export Product Displays into .csv file by calling drush command as following:

drush views-data-export --format=csv theme_display_export display_export exports/display-exports/display_export_Jan11_2014.csv --quote-values --strict=0 --header-row

This will generate .csv file with product displays

Import Product Displays

Once you have the .csv of product displays, we import them in another Drupal instance. Here are the steps:

a)Create Product Display Importer

First, create product display Importer by going to ‘Admin’->’Structure’->’Feeds Importer’ -> ‘Add New Importer’. Some important things to watch for:

  • ensure this is Nodes Processor under the Process
  • ensure Fetcher is set to ‘file upload’
  • create mappings
b)Create Rule for ‘product’ field

Create Rule for ‘product’ field by clicking on the ‘Tamper’ tab and then ‘add plugin’ under the field ‘product’ to ‘Product:SKU’ mapping or however you named the relationship mapping between display to products.
Note: ensure the rule is of type ‘list/explode’

c)Run importer

At last, run importer by going to ‘/importer’ url and selecting the product display importer following the UI


1. Unknown option: –header-row. See `drush help views-data-export` for available options.To suppress this error, add the option –strict=0

Make sure to add –strict=0 to the command or in the ‘alias’ configuration file

2. Exported file’s header comes up empty(“”,””,””…)

Make sure to include label for each field, otherwise the header is empty

3. The Images field is coming up empty when exported into csv file

This because there is need to have a special field formatter to format image into url. Module image_url_formatter does exactly that

4. Price is not importing accordingly all zeros

-ensure price is of type “raw amount”(i.e 8000 for $80.00) in the exported CSV file

5. Product Status is always importing into ‘Disable’ State.

Ensure the exported value of product status is in format of ‘1/0’ that can be configured in the view under ‘output format’

6. Images are not displayed in Admin UI.

Ensure that the exporter is set to export image fields into ‘URI path’ output format that is provided by a separate module ‘image_url_formatter’

7. “A product with SKU some_sku could not be found. Please check that the product exists or import it first”(resulting on display only pointing to first product but not all)

Answer: ??? I am not sure…still figuring this out

8. ‘PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found:’

Make sure cache is cleared after view created/updated. Also ensure your view returns results

9. Missing Feeds plugin FeedsCommerceProductProcessor

This error come up when there was missing ‘commerce_feeds’ module. After installing and enabling it, the error goes away

10. User by id ‘864’…

This happens when running importer with user configured that doesn’t exist on current Drupal instance. Go to admin/structure/feeds/NAME_OF_YOUR_IMPOTER/settings/FeedsNodeProcessor and update user with any user currently present

11. Warning: is_dir(): Unable to find the wrapper “private” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? in file_prepare_directory()

Ensure that the private dir is configured for your Drupal instance (see “Private file system path” at admin/config/media/file-system)

12. Target is missing for Node Processor of Importer

Make sure the field is present fro the content type you are importing

13. Exports exactly 10 items only no matter what the pager is set to

This is happening when the view exported is not of type ‘Data Export’. Ensure exporting view is of type “Data Export”


  • https://drupal.org/project/commerce_feeds
  • http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/87039/how-can-i-import-and-export-commerce-products-in-drupal-7
  • https://drupal.org/node/622698
  • https://drupal.org/project/commerce_feedsmulti
  • http://www.drupalcommerce.org/node/467

Taking CKEditor a Apart

In this post, we dive into the code of CKEditor to learn internals. We needed to do so to understand how the empty tags are being removed by default. This was not acceptable behavior because frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation use empty tags part of the layout.

The dev version none minimized CKEditor are located at https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-dev

Boot from Console

When troubleshooting or learning, it always easer to move everything else out of the way but the thing of your interest. In our case, we decided to run CKEditor without Drupal in the browser console for quick, easy changes. In the following are steps to boot CKEditor from console:

1. Disable Drupal

To take Drupal out of way, we disable the CKEditor module

2. Import CKEditor

There were several ways to load CKEditor all of which are listed here

A)From HTML Layout
By inserting the following in top of your page within ‘head’ tag

<script src="http://dev-ckeditor/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/ckeditor.js?n83a0r"></script>

B) From Drupal API
By executing the following code in hook_preprocess_page() or any other appropriate place for that matter

drupal_add_js('http://dev-ckeditor/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/ckeditor.js', array('scope' =>; 'header', 'type' =>; 'external'));

C)From JS Console
By calling the following, ckeditor library will be loaded


NOTE: In console, I run into errors when ckeditor.js was trying to load its dependences such ad load.js due to unable configure base path. I believe it should work if using the production ckeditor.js instead the development version that is not compiled into one

This will import the library as well as initialize CKeditor after which making the global variable CKEDITOR available and ready, so we can call CKEditor API

Let’s check the status


It gives status – ‘loaded’ on success and its ready to start ckeditor
There are 4 different status – loaded, basic_load, ???

4. Load Into Textarea

To start up CKEditor in the textarea is as simple as initializing it that can be done from console as following:

//or particular element with certain id

Here, we start up all of the textareas by calling replaceAll(). In the second, we enable CKEditor on certain element not necessaryly ‘textarea’ with id of ‘id_name’. This should bring up the text editor

Other Stuff

1. Editor Instances

This will display all the ckeditor instances

2. See Editor Configuration

From console:

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances.editor1;
alert( editor.config.skin ); // e.g. 'moono'
3. Filters

To see what input is about to be filtered:


Setting custom filters:

var filter = new CKEDITOR.filter( 'p strong em br' );
editor.setActiveFilter( filter );
// Create standalone filter passing 'p' and 'b' elements.
		 *		var filter = new CKEDITOR.filter( 'p b' ),
		 *			// Parse HTML string to pseudo DOM structure.
		 *			fragment = CKEDITOR.htmlParser.fragment.fromHtml( '<p><b>foo</b> <i>bar</i></p>' ),
		 *			writer = new CKEDITOR.htmlParser.basicWriter();
		 *		filter.applyTo( fragment );
		 *		fragment.writeHtml( writer );
		 *		writer.getHtml(); // -> '<p><b>foo</b> bar</p>'

For hooking into all enable active filters:

editor.on( 'activeFilterChange', function() {
     if ( editor.activeFilter.check( 'cite' ) )
        // Do something when <cite> was enabled - e.g. enable a button.
        // Otherwise do something else.
   } );

To disable filters:

//before the editor is initiated
 CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent = true;
textarea_settings = Drupal.ckeditorLoadPlugins(textarea_settings);
CKEDITOR.replace(textarea_id, textarea_settings);

Here, the textarea_id is the ‘id’ of the element(textarea or div). I am not sure the textarea_settigns???

5. Drupal and CKEditor

In the modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.utils.js, is where the CKEditor instances are created and attached to textarea.
From ckeditor.utils.js, the function CKEditor.replace is called that is defined in the themedui.js that calls CKEDITOR.editor from editor.js

6. Fragmenting in CKEditor
var fragment = CKEDITOR.htmlParser.fragment.fromHtml( '<p>foo<b>bar</b>bom</p>' );
 fragment.forEach( function( node ) {
 console.log( node );
} );
		 *		// Will log:
		 *		// 1. document fragment,
		 *		// 2. <p> element,
		 *		// 3. "foo" text node,
		 *		// 4. <b> element,
		 *		// 5. "bar" text node,
		 *		// 6. "bom" text node.
		 * @since 4.1
		 * @param {Function} callback Function to be executed on every node.
		 * **Since 4.3** if `callback` returned `false` descendants of current node will be ignored.
		 * @param {CKEDITOR.htmlParser.node} callback.node Node passed as argument.
		 * @param {Number} [type] If specified `callback` will be executed only on nodes of this type.
		 * @param {Boolean} [skipRoot] Don't execute `callback` on this fragment.
7. Stop Removing Empty Tags

There is defined list of tags that is going to be removed if empty(see dtd.js and $removeEmpty). To ensure the certain empty tag are not being removed, add attribute ‘data-cke-survive’:

<span data-cke-survive="true" ></span>

or pass the following to the CKEditor configuration file:

CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty['span'] = 0;
CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty['TAG-NAME'] = 0;

This make the empty tags to not being removed
NOTE: If you working with the production CKEditor.js, you will have to alter section starting “CKEDITOR.dtd” as following:

 CKEDITOR.dtd=function(){var a=CKEDITOR.tools.extend,e=function(a,d){for(var [...]
span:0//set the 

You will have to grep the CKEditor.js file for section starting “CKEDITOR.dtd” and then change value from 1 to 0 for each tags you like to not be removed if empty(see above example for ‘span’ tag)

8. Update Styles

Here is an example for console to update styles:

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances['edit-body-und-0-value'];

Here, we start by retrieving the CKEditor Instance with id “edit-body-und-0-value”. Afterwards, we set the font-size.

if you like append the whole style sheet than:

9. Stop Auto Wrap

The default behavior is for CKEditor to wrap text into paragraph tags. To stop that:

//from console
CKEDITOR.config['autoParagraph'] = false

In the ckeditor.config.js file:

config.autoParagraph = false

This will stop automatically wrapping every element into paragraph tag. You can also set to add ‘br’ or ‘div’ instead of pargraph tags as following:

CKEDITOR.config['entermode'] = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR;//or config.entermode=2 in config.js
CKEDITOR.config['entermode'] = CKEDITOR.ENTER_DIV;//or config.entermode=23 in config.js

This will add BR or DIV tag to every element

To stop wrap a certain element such as anchor tag into paragraph tag:

                delete CKEDITOR.dtd.$inline['a'];

This will change the declaration of the anchor tag to not be an inline tag, thus, no any wrapping takes place

Stop remove Empty Anchor tags

To stop removing empty tags, add the attribute – “data-cke-survive” to the anchor tag as following:

<a href="#" data-original-title="github" class="github" data-cke-survive="true">

Or ensure attribute “href” is not present as following:

<a data-original-title="linkedin" class="linkedin">
Stop Wrap UL around LI

By default, CKeditor is wrapping UL element around LI if one is not present. To stop alter CKEDITOR.dtd.$listItem in DTD.js

//OLD:$listItem: { dd: 1, dt: 1, li: 1 },
        $listItem: { dd: 1, dt: 1},

By editing CKEditor directly will cause problems sooner or later. Instead, hook into CKeditor and update from outside

                CKEDITOR.on('instanceCreated', function (ev) {
                  //make sure LI is not wrapped within UL
                    delete CKEDITOR.dtd.$listItem['li'];
                    delete CKEDITOR.dtd.$intermediate['li'];    

Here, we hook into the event triggered when CKEditor instance is created to remove “li’ tag from inline tags list.
By removing the LI form the list, you ensure that CKEditor is not wrapping LI elements with additional “UL”. For production, you will have to grep ckeditor.js file to make the change since everything is compiled into one JS file

Hook Into Events

There are lot of events available either on CKEDITOR App variable – CKEDITOR or on each editor instance itself

To listen for event on CKEDITOR APP variable

CKEDITOR.on( 'instanceReady', function( ev ) {
    editor = ev.editor;
    if(editor.name == 'edit-body-value'){
         console.log( 'appending style - sites/all/themes/metronic/assets/drupal/custom_metronic.css' );

Here, we sign up for event “InstanceReady” to append custom stylesheets.

To listen for event on editor instance itself

CKEDITOR.on( 'instanceCreated', function( ev ) {
    if(ev.editor.name == 'edit-body-value'){
       ev.editor.on( 'contentDom', function(){
         var ck_dom = ev.editor.document.$;
         var s0= ck_dom.createElement( 'script' );
         s0.type = 'text/javascript';
         s0.onload = function() {
             console.log( 'script /path/jquery-1.11.0.min.js loaded' );
         s0.src = '/path/jquery-1.11.0.min.js';
         s0.$ = s0;
      } );

Here, we first use event on the CKEDITOR App itself to get handle of the editor obj. Once we got the editor object, we sign up for an event “contentDom” that is triggered once the DOM of editor content is constructed. During this event we are importing JQuery lib

See What’s Going On

To see what is filtered, processed and actually sitting in the editor content(DOM) at any give time from console:

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances['edit-body-value'];
editor.document.$.body //to see what is within BODY tags
editor.document.$.head //to see what is within HEAD tags

Here, we first retrieve the particular textarea of our interest and then navigate to the BODY or HEAD. It will display the DOM in real time

How To Find Which Config.js CKEditor Is Using

To see which config.js the CKEditor is actually using, once the instance is up, go to console and type:


This will print out the path and the name of config file CKEditor is using. Note, there may be different config files used at the same time. The CKEDITOR app using one and then each different editor instance(i.e.CKEDITOR.instances.editor1) using another one(perhaps one loaded from the theme folder,etc)

Some Tags are Removed

you can disable the filter with allowedContent configuration as described above. You can also disable processing on a particular tag as following:

  • data-cke-filter=”off”
  • data-cke-processor=”off”
  • autocomplete=”off”

This will apply for the tag and all of its children

Manipulate Editor Content

To remove some element from the the editor:

var element = ev.editor.document.getById( 'ckeditor-wrapper-end' );

This will remove element with id ckeditor-wrapper-end while keeping parent and children elements intact.
The better way API for manipulated data of editor is available on “editable” object:

var editable = CKEDITOR.instances['.textId'].editor.editable();
if(editable.find('ckeditor-wrapper-end').count()) editable.find('.ckeditor-wrapper-end').remove();

As you can see, the “editable” API has similar API as jQuery. Please, reference editable.js for complete list of function available.

Update Editor

To update editor content:

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances['TEXTAREA-ID'];
var newHtml = '<p>Hello World!</p>";
       callback: function() {

Here, we first retrieve editor and then update its content via setData() API. At last, the textarea itself is updated in the DOM

Summary of Events

Event Scope comments
loaded editor triggered once editor is loaded before initiating the editor content
instanceLoaded CKEDITOR triggered once CKEDITOR is loaded
customConfigLoaded editor
configLoaded editor
destroy editor
save editor
key editor
dblclick editor
doubleclick editor
click editor
beforeGetData editor Handle the load/read of editor data/snapshot.
getSnapshot editor sets event data from the editor data
saveSnapshot editor ???
lockSnapshot editor ???
unlockSnapshot editor ???
afterSetData editor sets the data from editor data
loadSnapshot editor takes event data and sets it to the editor data
beforeFocus editor Delegate editor focus/blur to editable.
insertHtml editor takes the data from event and inserts in CKEDITOR.DOM via insertHTML()
insertElement editor takes the data from event and inserts in CKEDITOR.DOM via insertElement()
insertText editor takes the data from event and inserts in CKEDITOR.DOM via insertText()
beforeSetMode editor Before any mode is set on the Editor(i.e. editor.mode)(see plugin.js)
beforeModeUnload editor after mode is set on the editor(i.e. editor.mode)(see plugin.js)
beforeGetModeData editor before getting data after setting the mode(see plugin.js)
afterModeUnload editor passing data to be able update at last step in mode setup(see plugin.js)
toHtml editor at the time data is process including filters applied(see htmlprocessor.js)
dataFiltered editor after some filter applied(see htmldataprocessor.js)
dataReady editor when data is ready before processing and filtering(see htmldataprocessor.js)

To fire any of the events:

editor.fire( 'saveSnapshot' );

Here, we trigger one of the events – saveSnapshot attached to the editor.
To listen an event:

			editor.on( 'saveSnapshot', function( evt ) {
                                //do something with evt.data or evt.data.contentOnly
			} );

Here we listen of event – save Snapshot and then grab the new data via evt.data or evt.data.contentOnly

Encode and Decode

To decode or encode a string:

var result = CKEDITOR.tools.htmlDecode(editor.getData());
var encodedText = CKEDITOR.tools.htmlEncode(result);

Here, the editor data is decoded and encoded. See CKEDITOR.tools for much more utilities


1.Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html: “http://dev-ckeditor/node/add/core/loader.js”

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