Locally Untracked Files in Git While Making a Grails Plugin In-Place

At my current workplace, the grails application is divided into application and an extra plugin. To avoid package, maven-install every single time new change made in plugin that need to be seen in application, I decided to make this plugin in-place. To make it in-place plugin, i had to update BuildConfig.groovy as follows:

grails.plugin.location.nameOfPluginPlugin = '../../pluginLocation'
plugins {
    //uncomment plugin dependency

At the same time, i don’t want these changes go into others developers local repos, so i wanted to untrack BuildConfig.groovy file. Here are steps to untrack file from git repo.

Ignoring File in Git

To ignore file globally,here are steps

Step-1: Create global git ignore file, not tracked in repository that is user-specific

git config --global core.excludesfile pathTo/.gitignore_global

Note: You can find different sample git ignore files per technology here

Step-2: Added BuildConfig.groovy in my local global git ignore file as follows


This will keep it ignored, but we still need it make it be untracked before it can be ignored

Step-3: Untrack the file itself since it is already tracked

git rm --cached BuildConfig.groovy

This makes the file to be ignored and also untracked, however. By pushing to the shared repo others will make this file to be untracked as well, which we don’t want

Ignoring vs Untracked

Ignore will only apply to untracked files. So, in our case, where we need the file to still be tracked, the solution of ignoring described above will not work. Instead, we set the file to be assumed unchanged by Git:

git update-index --assume-unchanged appname/grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy  

By ‘assume unchanged’, the file is ignored and no changes appear in git repo. This makes the grails plugin in-place only for me since the changes are not tracked anymore and ,thus, pushed into the shared main repository

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