My name is Margots Kapacs and I am a software developer from the small but beautiful country in Eastern Europe – Latvia, currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. I have been around the block developing since 2004 – always passionate to learn new technologies while fascinated with the unlimited possibilities

I am fortunate to be father of two very energetic boys – Kristians and Kristofers. They are my inspiration and happiness. When there is time, I enjoy sports like basketball, swimming, and windsurfing. Traveling is always a treat and I have been fortunate to have experienced horse riding in the Valleys of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba, diving with sea lions in Argentina and exploring Mayas temples Tikal in Guatemala among other adventures.

Since the beginning of year 2013, I have realized that corporate work environment is not for me, so I have been building my own businesses. I have started company named KapaSoft Web Solutions (kapasoft.com) that does different custom web work as a service. Beside providing custom web service, I have also started online store Designs Square where we sell products such as themes and widgets for open platform of Drupal. Working for myself, it provides an opportunity to play with the technologies of my own choice while applying my academic knowledge to innovate


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