(He’s right though, it is pretty weird

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Wholesale Replica Bags Last week she revealed she suspected Harry may have Asperger’s syndrome after noticing his different behaviour.Now, as they await a proper diagnosis, the 33 year old spoke frankly on struggling with the condition with the hosts of This Morning, Holly and Phil, and of how she’s found it difficult dealing with the public’s reaction.When asked how she knew something was wrong with Harry, Danielle said: ‘There’s definitely something different, he’s very special, aren’t you Harry? Having four sons I can tell there’s something different about him.’He’s very emotional and socially awkward. He has his own little ways. When we take him out in public he’s loud and people look at him and wonder why he’s not behaving.’She is currently desperately hoping for answers as they await treatment on the NHS.’He is very socially awkward, so if I said do you want to out and replica bags online play he’d want to lock himself in his room with is possessions in his bed,’ she said, explaining Harry prefers not to make eye contact, dislikes loud noises and has ‘odd habits’.’It can be frustrating at home because for us it feels like we’re constantly telling him off but he doesn’t understand.’Lewis Hamilton girlfriend, net worth, age and clothing range after fifth F1 world titleLewis Hamilton net worth, age, height and former girlfriendsJamie O’Hara denies ‘owing 27k to in missing child support’She explained how she has been fighting for a diagnosis: ‘We’ve gone through the NHS, I’ve had him tested a couple of years ago. Wholesale Replica Bags

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