Would love to see this trialed in a small town with a high

Would such a knee sleeve directly add to your total?I googled the question and have gotten conflicting answers. I have had some websites say that they don directly add to your total and some say that they can add up to 25lbs to your squat.What are your experiences with stiff knee sleeves? Are there any in particular that you believe have helped you squat more?AbsolutelyNoHomo 1 point submitted 7 days agoThis was another interesting development I saw, it a very easy way to have a large amount of grid level storage available with relatively low costs as the utility serves multiple purposes.Would love to see this trialed in a small town with a high penetration of solar in the near future.Would be a good way to offer government or retail incentives, let the network operator use your car sitting at its charging station to help balance the grid and recieve how ever much in return. 15 points submitted 15 days agoAll that being said, I recently cut out drinking completely and I do think there are benefits to full monk mode it was pretty much my only “treat”.I used to drink moderately but regularly.

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