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North Carolina Haunted Places

The Ghosts Of Caroleen BridgeThere are ghost stories of hauntings all over North Carolina. One of the most famous is the story of the two sisters who were coming back from a trip to South Carolina in 1943. They lived on the other side of the river bridge going towards the town of Caroleen when there came up a horrible thunderstorm. A truck ran the sisters off the road and their car fliped over and over ending up in the river. Both of the elderly ladies were killed in the accident. And it was not long until people began to tell a strange paranormal story. It is told that when there is a thunderstorm going on after dark people have picked up canada goose outlet florida the ghosts of the two sisters walking on the road before you get to the Caroleen River Bridge. They get into peoples cars and say thank you and tell where they live on the other side of the bridge but they vanish when the car is driven across the Broad River bridge.And over the years many people have told of picking up the two elderly ladies. Some people have reported that when you cross the bridge they vanish and there are two wet spots on the car seats. Ghost Hunters from around the United States have visited the site and some have even recorded a evp near the bridge that is said to be that of an old lady saying ” Please canada goose outlet jackets Help Us” So apparently the two ladies who wrecked there are trapped there forever in a residual haunting that seems like it will go on forever.The Pirate Blackbeard’s,Ghost Ocracoke, North CarolinaBlackbeard or Edward Teach is infamous around the outer banks of North Carolina and the town of Ocracoke. Over the many years since his death Blackbeard has been seen by many people from all walks of life. His Ship, The Queen Ann’s Revenge is all saw seen and people believe Blackbeard is looking for all the places where he hid his loot. Many ghost hunters and paranormal experts say that the NC Outer Banks is one of the most haunted places in the whole United States. It is said that scary ghosts are seen all up and down the ghost of NC but especially around Ocracoke. Maybe Blackbeard has some creepy ghosts helping him out haunting the NC Outer Banks. People say the ghost of Blackbeard is most often seen walking on the beach near Ocracoke. What is he looking for. Is it his treasure that he is said to have buried in the area long ago.The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Siler City NCLocated in the woods near canada goose outlet locations in toronto Siler City NC is a large circle where nothing grows. Over the years people have placed large stones inside the circle only to come back the next day and find canada goose outlet online reviews the stones gone or moved out of the circle. In 1986 one of the best documented events ever happened at the Devil’s Tramping Ground. A group of boy scouts was camping at the location and one scout set his tent up inside the circle. The next morning the tent and the canada goose outlet vip scout had been moved 75 yards outside the circle. No one saw the move but 47 Boy Scouts and Scout Masters say it happened.True Ghost Stories Of North CarolinaThe Battleship, The USS North Carolina is located at 1 Battleship Road in Wilmington NC. From all over the United States came the men most of them not much more than boys that served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The US North Carolina was involved in almost every major battle of the Pacific Theater and many young men lost their lifes aboard the ship while she was involved in the fight against Japan.And many of the mens ghosts remain today aboard canada goose outlet uk sale the grand old lady. She keeps her secrets well but many of her canada goose jacket outlet toronto visitors have had some very strange paranormal experiences aboard the USS North Carolina. You name it and it probally has happened. Tools vanish. Vacum Cleaners have completely vanished never to be seen again. People have sworn they have saw a officier running across the deck yelling at people to get down. Many people have thought it was part of a show. But its not. People hear screams of men and strange banging sounds coming from below deck. And many ghostly figures have been seen running or walking all over the ship. Ghost Hunters who have visited the ship say it is one of the most haunted places they have ever been. Just simply a hot canada goose outlet toronto address bed of paranormal activity.The Night Watch Men on the ship over the years say that 3 4 nights out of the year for some reason the activity is the highest. On those nights ghosts just simply put on a show. You hear the ghosts running up and down the halls and if your below deck you hear the sounds of the big guns above you only when you get back above deck there is no activity and no one around.The Night Watch Men have also smelled the smells of cooking coming from the old kitchens. They say you can smell coffee boiling plain as day. But there is no one cooking in the kitchen. A black cook’s ghost is also seen in this area. He simply walks through and vanishes at the kitchen door.Tour Historic Beaufort North Carolina In This Slide Show Of PhotosClick thumbnail to canada goose outlet boston view full sizeYes this old house in Beaufort NC canada goose outlet at one time was the home of the Pirate Blackbeard, Edward Teach.Inside the old Burying Ground where many ghosts still roam around and try to figure out what is going on.

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