The vehicle lay mangled hours later

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Replica Bags Wholesale Police say Gonzalez was driving.The children were identified as Jocelyn Gonzalez, 10, the daughter of the driver, Niely Rosario, 7, and Marly Rosario, 3, both daughters of Nunez.The SUV was headed south on the Bronx replica bags from china River Parkway that cuts through a working class neighborhood when replica bags sydney it bounced off the median, crossed three southbound lanes and hit the curb, causing the vehicle to become airborne, continue over the guardrail and plunge 59 feet, police said.”Obviously, the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed,” FDNY deputy Chief Ronald Werner said. “It hit something that caused it to become airborne.”The SUV landed in a wooded area on the edge of zoo property that’s closed to the public and far from any animal exhibits, zoo spokeswoman Mary Dixon said. The vehicle lay mangled hours later, its right doors ripped off and strewn amid the trees along with items from the car. Replica Bags Wholesale

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