It’s up to Bivol to put his foot on the gas

Dmitry Bivol retains title with one

Bivol further cemented his place as an elite light heavyweight against an opponent in Pascal whose best years are far behind him. Nevertheless, Pascal did what he had to do to survive the 12 round affair against Bivol.It wasn’t the kind of spectacular performance that fans have become used to from Bivol. As a matter of fact, it was only the second time in his young career that he went two straight fights without a knockout. But it was certainly a dominant performance as Pascal had next to nothing canada goose jacket outlet uk to offer the Russian. From the outset, it was Bivol sticking the jab and showcasing his sharp counterpunching ability, while Pascal struggled to find an opening to explode with his athleticism. As the rounds rolled on, Bivol was content with piling up the points as Pascal’s output dwindled.There were moments where Pascal would explode with offense, but theynever rattled Bivol. Instead, Bivol would weather the storm and roar back with punches. Onesequence in the 10th round saw Pascal dare his opponent to attack him and found canada goose outlet us him on cheap canada goose the receiving end of a storm of punches. None had Pascal in trouble, but it demonstrated the difference in class between the two fighters.In the end, Bivol took home a decision with scores of 117 111 and 119 109 (twice). The real question is who Bivol will face next as the division has top tier names that include Badou Jack, Sergey Kovalev, WBO champion Eleider Alvarez, IBF champion Artur Beterbief and WBC champion Adonis Stevenson. Bivol is certainly ready for one of the big names. If they don’t want to fight him, the WBA champion expressed interest in moving down to super middleweight where the likes of Callum Smith, Gilberto Ramirez and David Benavidez lurk. Jean Pascal via unanimous decision (117 111, 119 109 and 119 109).Round 12:Pascal had one more burst, but it’s just not enough as Bivol controls another round and earns a shutout on our scorecard. 10 9 Bivol (120 108 Bivol).Round 11:Bivol is picking his shots while Pascal is trying to find a moment where he can explode with punches again. Pascal can’t find his opportunity. Bivol can. He’s still in control. 10 9 Bivol (110 99 Bivol).Round 10:Bivol lands a combination and Pascal says to bring it. Bivol complies and rattles off 10 or 12 straight punches. A few land and a few don’t, but that may have been Pascal’s final salvo. It’s pretty much all bravado and guts from Pascal. Surprisingly, Pascal bulls forward and launches another barrage of punches to the body. If there was ever a round to give Pascal, it would be this one. But we aren’t giving him the round. 10 9 Bivol (100 90 Bivol).Round 9:Rinse canada goose outlet canada and repeat. Pascal doesn’t have much to offer, but it looks like Bivol is resigned to winning a decision. Nothing noteworthy here, but another Bivol round. 10 9 canada goose outlet in chicago Bivol (90 81 Bivol).Round 8:Pascal finds an opening and just launches a tirade of punches. Bivol weathers the storm and fires right back and lands some hard shots that sting Pascal. Bivol is drilling Pascal with 1 2 punches and the occasional hook to the body. Pascal is breathing hard now. He’s operating on heart, but being totally outclassed by Bivol. 10 9 Bivol (80 72 Bivol).Round 7:You get the sense that Bivol is becoming impatient by Pascal’s lack of aggression. Bivol is putting more combinations together whenever Pascal is a sitting duck. As for Pascal, he’s still throwing one punch at a time. Not a lot to like about Pascal’s survival tactics. 10 9 Bivol (70 63 Bivol).Round 6:Pascal looks gassed and Bivol is sinking hard body shots into his midsection. It’s not incredibly violent, canada goose outlet woodbury but it is surgical. Pascal is in full survival mode. It’s up to Bivol to put his foot on the gas. 10 9 Bivol (60 54 Bivol).Round 5:Pascal tries a bull rush at one point with a very awkward double handed attack. Bivol is simply picking him apart. Pascal has very little to offer and is probably hoping to make it to the final bell. 10 9 Bivol (50 45 Bivol).Round 4:Pascal commits to the body because he can’t land anything of significance. Bivol lands a right hand that looks like it drops Pascal, canada goose outlet london but it’s canada goose outlet new york ruled a slip. It’s a close round simply because Pascal was busier than normal, but still a Bivol round. 10 9 Bivol (40 36 Bivol).Round 3:Pascal isn’t throwing very many punches and Bivol has realized that. Bivol continues to touch Pascal, wrapping hooks around the golves and putting together combinations whenever Pascal bends down. It’s becoming tough sledding for Pascal, who simply cannot find an opening. 10 9 Bivol (30 27 Bivol).Round 2:Bivol lands a hard three punch combination and Pascal is being moved. Pascal is doing little more than launching one or two hard punches at a time. Bivol’s counters are sharp and we’re only two rounds in. This could become a problem as the fight progresses. 10 9 Bivol (20 18 Bivol).Round 1:Pascal comes out throwing heavy shots early. He’s not landing much, but he’s making a statement that he’s here to fight. Meanwhile, Bivol is keeping his composure and working the jab. Bivol lands a hard right hand that backs Pascal up at the end of the round. It’s evident that Bivol can hurt him if he wants to. 10 9 Bivol. Jean Pascal makes his way to the ring. The Canadian really needs a good showing here to stay in the mix of a very crowded light heavyweight division. Bivol could leave the ring tonight as the best light heavyweight in the division.MORE:Join DAZN and watch Canelo Alvarez vs. Rocky Fielding on Dec. 15Murodjon Akhmadaliev def. canada goose outlet online uk Isaac Zarate via ninth round TKO. Time of stoppage 1:17. And then a right hook and a left caught Zarate flush. Although his opponent didn’t go down, there was no need to see Zarate take any more punishment. The referee did the right thing and halted the fight in the ninth round. :Akhmadaliev completely wrecked Zarate with a vicious body shot that canada goose outlet website legit froze his opponent in his tracks. A bevy of power shots followed, but Zarate has already recovered. Yet, he’s still here.

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