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cheap jordans free shipping General election 2017 poll tracker: How the parties rated in the pollsHere’s what the pollsters think will happen next, and who will be the next Prime Minister after YouGov and Survation correctly predicted the shock hung parliament result in the 2017 general electionSAMPLE: 1,036 UK adults onlineWHAT IT FOUND: Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister if an election was held tomorrow, according to the pollster which most accurately predicted Thursday’s election result.This poll by Survation put Labour six points ahead of the Tories on 45% of the vote. The Tories, meanwhile, polled 39% almost four points below their result in the general election.It is the first time since Theresa May took Cheap jordans shoes power that any poll has put Labour ahead of the Conservatvies.SUMMARY: Almost half of the public including a quarter of Tory voters thought Mrs May should resign as Prime Minister. Some 49% of those polled said the beleaguered Tory cheap jordan 7 shoes leader should quit, with just 38% saying she should stay.And 41% of respondents said she should resign immediately.It’s not enough to make Labour the largest party, but it’s enough to limit Theresa May’s formal majority in the House of Commons to just 32, only slightly larger than it was when the election was called.RANDOM STAT: At least six of Labour’s 38 points of vote share in this poll came from ‘new voters’ that’s people who did not vote in 2015 cheap jordans free shipping.

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