Climate scientist and commentator Gavin Schmidt wrote

Equinox Reflections On Sea Ice

The Arctic Sea IceIt’s notable that we did not see a false recovery in ice extent this year, as we did in 2011. Although the El Nino of 2010 faded to a La Nina during the last months of 2010, sea surfaces temperatures in Arctic waters remained very warm by normal standards, especially in Baffin Bay, in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. (El Nino tends to raise global mean temperatures slightly; La Nina has the reverse effect.)

canada goose coats on sale The result was a slow freeze up; Hudson Bay and the Western coast of Greenland in particular remained ice free longer than normal. And low ice extents off Canada’s East Coast meant a second consecutive year of hardship for the Harp Seal population the seal pups are born and raised on the sea ice. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale Early in the year a new record for lowest mean January canada goose outlet website legit sea ice extent was set, as illustrated to the right. Then the previous February low a record set in 2005 was matched. So it has continued to date. 2011 nearly matched the record low maximum sea ice extent from 2006 (shown below.) Canada Goose sale

The AntarcticThe main venue for melting sea ice is canada goose outlet store uk the Arctic at least, it is if you are considering a changing pattern of melt; in the Antarctic, sea ice melt has always been greater as a percentage of total sea ice area. Typically, it is around 80%, with seasonal cheap canada goose minima near 3 million square kilometers. But canada goose outlet phone number this year the melt in the Antarctic merits a mention, too.

cheap Canada Goose In contrast to the Arctic trend toward lower and lower extents, sea ice extent in the South has been increasing slightly. But this year put an end to that trend temporarily, with a minimum extent significantly below the norm. The result is a global sea ice extent near low record levels. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets PoliticsIt is a tangled web, indeed. House of Representatives. This fact has so far led to a attempt fortunately dead upon arrival in the Senate to block the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing restrictions upon emissions of greenhouse gases; to hearings notable both for the contempt shown scientists and the credence given to canada goose jacket outlet store the most foolish of denialist cliches; and rumblings about defunding any NASA program studying climate change. Apparently, it is no longer sufficient to ignore scientific conclusions on climate change; now the data itself has to be suppressed by political fiat. It seems canada goose outlet woodbury insufficient to call this “disturbing.” Canada Goose Jackets

On other political fronts, we have steeply rising oil prices, due to the unrest of the “Arab awakening,” currently playing out bloodily upon the Libyan sands as well as canada goose outlet in new york more peacefully in other Arab lands. Combined with this, we have the continuing nuclear drama of Fukushima in the wake of the Japanese tsunami. Several nations have already called a moratorium on new nuclear development, though it remains to be seen how durable these will prove. All of this should be a boost for renewable sources of energy; but it’s never wise to assume a rational political response to crisis.

canada goose uk outlet ScienceIt’s been a tough winter for climate science in some ways. canada goose uk outlet

A parade of hearings confirmed that, despite all the melodramatic foofaraw of the Climategate “scandal,” no scientific misconduct had taken place. But an essential data collection project fell victim to a launch accident, when, on March 4, the Glory satellite fell into canada goose stockists uk the ocean. (A fairing failed to separate as it should, and the extra weight was too much for Glory to reach orbit.) Sensors on board would have contributed to the study of clouds, solar radiation, and (most significantly) atmospheric aerosols. Climate scientist and commentator Gavin Schmidt wrote, “There is a huge hole building in the US contribution to Earth and Sun canada goose outlet new york city observing systems.”

At least Cryosat, the European satellite launched to measure Arctic sea ice last fall, is working. Its shakedown period is complete, and data is now being released. It will be very interesting to see what conclusions emerge from the study of that data. Is sea ice volume declining as drastically as the University of Washington Piomas model indicates?

Effect, I see ups and downs that’s a clear message from this summer’s roller

canada goose black friday sale coaster. But each year there’s canada goose black friday sale

another two parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere to warm; and if we are

canada goose clearance in the cooling grasp of La Nina now, El Nino will return again soon canada goose clearance

canada goose store enough. On average, year over canada goose store

year, the ice will decline, melting back to the hard core of oldest, thickest

ice jammed against the northern shores of Greenland and the islands of the Canadian Archipelago, like a

besieged army retreating to a fortress.

But the summer ice cap will

be gone. canada goose outlet vancouver It will be missed: melting shores, newly exposed to a

thousand miles of open water, will wash away in unaccustomed wave action like

sand castles. Water vapor,

cheap canada goose uk unconstrained by ice, will pour into the Arctic atmosphere, augmenting the cheap canada goose uk

greenhouse effect and feeding storms quite different than those now experienced. Animals and plants will struggle to survive.

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