They not some special Ally, they not some unique island in the

Israel says Iranian air force assembling in Syria

Israel can continue to rant and rave, but eventually they going to have overplayed their hand, and people are going to realize that they not any more trustworthy than other countries, and frequently far less so. They continue trying to incite conflict, and then get other countries to come in and fight on their behalf. I kind of sick of this shit. If they can handle their own defense, canada goose outlet maybe they should think about moving.I support Israel right to exist; I do not support its continued efforts to manipulate the rest of the world to serve as its proxy combatants, and take no responsibility for its own failings. They not some special Ally, they not some unique island in the sea of Madness. They not “the only functioning democracy in the Middle East”, they commit plenty of human rights violations, and they a particularly nice country either. We give them tens of billions of dollars in military aid every year. They need to learn to handle themselves and stop power siding off American money, and American lives.The irony is almost hysterical (in truth, it just depressing) when you have whole sections of America ranting and raving about “Russian influence”, in one election that currently has yet to turn up any provable evidence, when the level of Israeli influence and cronyism surpasses it by orders of magnitude the need for every successful candidate to bend and scrape at AIPAC, the mass of a disproportionate Israeli lobbying efforts, etc. This shit needs to end, we not your sugar daddy.And no, I not a “Russian troll”, this is not “anti Semitic”, I am not talking about some “secret cabalistic Global Jewish conspiracy”, or canada goose outlet houston any of the canada goose jacket outlet uk other usual lines that are used to discredit legitimate criticism of the Israeli US relationship. These are all real, provable, example facts that are out in the goose outlet canada open for people to see. We should d dismiss him, it so much easier than engaging with his arguments”.Mature, secure individuals don need to turn to ad hominem attacks in order to debate with someone. Nothing about my comment, or the arguments it presented where “anti Semitic”, and there no reason to think they were. However, considering that this is a pretty standard line used to shut down criticism of canada goose outlet eu Israel, I decided to preempt it. I very pleased to say that for none of the other people who replied, aside from you, did this end up being an issue. It seems like they have a maturity that you lack.No one has any obligation to give anyone a respectful response. However, if you claim to be a reasonable person, then it completely hypocritical to resort to ad hominem attacks on people with whom you disagree, instead of focusing on the subject being discussed (unless they happened to have made the same comments toward you first). But since it clear that you literally lack basic reason, I guess this doesn apply to you.this will steer the discussion to a good faith nuanced exchange of ideas.”Good faith” is a complete red herring in these circumstances. I done nothing to canada goose outlet jackets show that I unwilling to discuss things with people, and I certainly haven made any claims that are “I right because I say so”. All that matters is a specific arguments or comments that I putting forth. “Good faith” is irrelevant unless I was making personal claims about my character or individual trustworthiness which I haven can use as many complex phrases, and satire, and whatever else you want. That doesn change the fact that your entire argument is “he posts on some place I don like, so we should ignore his points”. So, if you really want to think about it in terms of how much each person in the bottom 5% would receive, even though that not the best way to use this surplus of money, it would be added on top of whatever they currently receiving.It could also be used for a new program that would help ex convicts acquire skills in order to get and hold a job after they released from prison canada goose outlet website legit while also parenting with private organizations and companies to canada goose outlet uk sale help these individuals get their canada goose outlet phone number lives back on track.This is a lie. Israel has received more American aid than any other individual country on EarthIf you are mad about the aid to Israel, and you have no agenda, you should be mad at foreign aid to other countries too.This is a dumb statement, everyone who more than 8 years old has an agenda. In addition, I fully support reducing foreign aid too many of those countries as well. Israel just happens to be the most egregious example currently.Well I haven seen any country in the middle east that could be in any way called democratic. So I guess Israel is still the only democratic state there.they commit plenty of human rights violationsSame human rights violations that were made by literally every western state, or country canada goose outlet germany that calls itself democratic. Does that make these states non democratic in your opinion?and they a particularly nice country either.Yes, especially in the summer. I sure your country is very nice as well. Where are you from?We give them tens of billions of dollars in military aid every year.Actually, it 100 trillion dollars per day.They need to learn to handle themselves and stop power siding off American money, and American lives.

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