In the ad, a voiceover states that the British cider brand

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English actor Sir Patrick Stewart is once again poking fun at celebrity endorsements in his latest spot for Strongbow.In the ad, a voiceover states that the British cider brand “hired an award-winning actor to show off the award-winning range of Strongbow hard cider. But she cancelled, so we got this guy.”Stewart then appears on screen holding a Strongbow and indignantly argues that he’s won 37 individual awards, but the narrator still isn’t impressed.The 15-second spot follows past videos that Strongbow has rolled featuring Stewart. Last year, the actor appeared in numerous spots for the brand, including ‘Award’ and ‘Fired.’This article is about: United States replica prada , Strongbow, Sir Patrick Stewart, Advertising, Creative, Food & Drink

Sir Patrick Stewart continues to make fun of himself in latest Strongbow ad

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