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Letting Go of Your Bananas

This is cheap moncler jackets sale a book for anyone who feels they fallen short of their career potential, or wondered if the things they do or don do at work are sabotaging their careers.

cheap moncler outlet The truth is, most people learn their greatest lessons not from grasping the brass ring, but from letting go of negative influences and behaviors. Now, Dr. Daniel T. Drubin helps readers identify what he terms the bananas habits, relationships, jobs, and beliefs that are holding them back, while providing job saving, step by step advice on how to moncler jackets outlet get back on track, including ways to:Take responsibility and win blame game fearlessness cheap moncler Moncler Outlet outlet

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moncler mens jackets Make a list of your rotten bananas. moncler cheap moncler coats mens jackets

moncler sale Decide what or whom you are no longer willing to accept in your life. moncler sale

Be willing to get into the pain of changing your destiny.

Make the tough decisions.

Embrace the consequences of your decisions.

cheap moncler sale Be totally honest with yourself and moncler outlet others. cheap moncler sale

cheap moncler jackets If you need help letting go of your bananas, get help. cheap moncler jackets

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moncler sale outlet All barrier busting and personal growth begins the moment you are willing to accept the truth about yourself. And the truth is, most of your bananas, or limitations, whether real or imagined, have been created either by you or by someone important in your life. So much of what we become in our lives has a great deal to do with the people and beliefs we were exposed to as children. Children tend to be wide open to suggestion and to modeling the behaviors of those around them, to moncler sale outlet the point where they sometimes take on the characteristics of people who influence their lives. Without an effective way to filter out some of the things they are exposed to some of which may not be in their ultimate best interest they become pre programmed to think and act a certain way. The good news is that regardless of what you may have been exposed to early on, or for that matter later in your life, you can change your life by using your free will and power of cheap moncler outlet choice. moncler sale outlet

You get to decide right now if you want to continue on your present path of life and have those obstacles keep you where you are, or do whatever is necessary to go beyond those barriers. You decide which of the bananas in your bunch are worth keeping and which of the rotten bananas you want to rid yourself of.

cheap moncler I have been told that the way they used to capture monkeys moncler sale in Africa was by placing bananas in the bottoms of narrow necked jars. moncler factory outlet When a monkey came upon the jar, in an effort to remove the banana, it would put moncler jacket sale its hand into the jar and grab on to the banana. Unwilling to let go of its food, the monkey was now stuck with a jar on its hand, which made it rather easy to catch. What does this have moncler outlet online to do with improving the quality of your life? Everything! cheap moncler

When it comes to our lives, the majority of us tend to grab on to cheap moncler jackets something or someone and refuse to let go. We then convince ourselves that we simply cannot survive without that person or thing, and we refuse to let go. In fact, we will even hold on to people, moncler outlet store things, or habits that we consciously know are bad for us. It moncler outlet uk may be a bad relationship or job or a bad belief or physical habit. We cling to what we have the safe, the secure, and the familiar even when we know it’s unhealthy and preventing us from living a better life. And while we want to go beyond where we are in life, most of our actions indicate that we are willing to stay exactly where and how we are. We just will not let go of our bananas, our sameness, our habits, our comfort, or our past.

The monkey eventually learns that if it refuses to let go of the banana, the fruit will rot and start to stink, yet the monkey still holds on. The same is true for us. If we refuse to let go of the things or people that hold us back, life starts to rot and then stink. The only way to go beyond where you are in your life is by being willing to let go of the things, people, habits, and beliefs that keep you where you are instead of where you want to be.

buy moncler jackets Letting go of your bananas begins with the power of one: one bold action, one brave decision, one limitless vision, one great question, one new idea, one burning desire, or one act of kindness. As soon as you are willing to embrace the fact that you can change the quality of your life and act on that belief, your world changes for the better buy moncler jackets.

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