Hans Bahlmann and colleagues sought to compare the effects of

I asked Dachinger what I should look out for when the sun set the forecast that night was for clear skies. Need a really dark sky to see Mars. It wouldn’t be visible in a city, swamped by polluting light, she replied. This is not two and call me in the morning Patients would never get a prescription for MDMA to fill themselves at the local pharmacy. Unlike all other medications for PTSD, with MDMA assisted psychotherapy, patients only take the drug two or three times over a 10 week course of psychotherapy and research suggests that the benefits last. Adds that though the drug has side effects such as possible anxiety, lack of appetite, increased body temperature and nausea for the four to six hours it in your system, Burge says, are not as extreme or long lasting as SSRIs which millions of Australians take daily..

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