Also part of the seizure is an office block reportedly worth

The acting commissioner of taxation Andrew Mills, who last week fronted for the agency when details of the alleged $165 million scam emerged, met with staff late last week and gave them ideas about the best way to deal with queries.The Australianreported he told staff to dismiss most of it as news and insist the rest of it was positive, because the alleged fraud was caught and any wrongdoing was picked up relatively quickly.are working, he was reported as telling staff in a series of meetings.However, a spokeswoman for the ATO denied the simply incorrect. Acting Commissioner Mills has reiterated with his staff, the success of the AFP operation, the importance of ATO support for their investigations and that the ATO systems, controls and procedures worked effectively, the spokeswoman said.The Bondi apartment of 30 year old Adam Cranston and a Vaucluse home worth over $2 million he also has an interest in have been frozen, according to Fairfax.Also part of the seizure is an office block reportedly worth $20 million.Adam Cranston has been charged with fraud and his father, deputy tax commissioner Michael Cranston, has been given a court attendance notice to face a charge of abusing his position as a public official.Police allege Michael Cranston tried to access information on an ATO audit into his son.Investigators recorded a number of phone conversations in which Mr Cranston warned Adam Cranston he was at risk of being raided by police.According to a report in The Sunday Telegraph, police taped Mr Cranston in three phone calls on April 28 and May 2 and heard him telling his son could be the subject of search warrants senior tax investigator warned his son that ATO investigators were good at their jobs, saying think you get away with this stuff but you don. Just make sure you haven got anything anywhere Wednesday, Adam Cranston was charged by police who claim he masterminded an alleged tax scam which deprived the Commonwealth of millions of dollars by skimming payroll tax to fund a lavish lifestyle of luxury cars, properties, planes, jewellery and expensive wine..

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