The higher quality textures setting uses the higher resolution

Is FF14 going to see a

BDO, GW2 and GW1, LOTR, PWI, Right, SWTOR, I could go on. It not a secondary download, it part of the prepackaged content the game client installs. You can then official canada goose outlet change the graphics canada goose outlet uk sale settings, often with a specific setting for texture quality. The higher quality textures setting uses the higher resolution textures, while the lower quality settings either use smaller textures or downgrade them canada goose canada goose outlet uk in canada goose coats on sale game.That not to say it impossible SB itself had an increase to canada goose outlet online minimum specs, which shows some attention paid to improving canada goose factory sale what the game is capable of.I canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet toronto factory sure it could be done if they were really interested canada goose store in it. I just of canada goose black friday sale the opinion they in the “bleeding the game” phase. After the failure that was canada goose jacket outlet 1.0, and the cheap goose sale Canada Goose success of canada Canada Goose Parka goose outlet jackets ARR, they so scared to change buy canada goose jacket cheap anything or put excess funds into the game canada goose outlet shop they content with rehashing the current cycle we in.If they have the budget, hiring goose outlet canada an artist (or ten, idk) full time to reskin even the core canada goose outlet parka game elements such as armor canada goose outlet in usa and player models shouldn reduce focus on game mechanics building.I agree, I think it should be pointed out canada goose clearance sale that even after all the success of ARR there haven been canada canada goose uk shop goose factory outlet many large scale hiring to fortify all departments. It seems like they put more work on the people they did have, thus why I think them taking away anyone they have working on other stuff would just be bad.This is artistic janitorial work.I don think they see risk/reward of paying canada goose outlet extra janitors for what you would get from a art janitor. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Anything that would bring in new players with beautiful graphics is canada goose outlet new york city going canada goose uk black friday to require canada goose outlet store a team, and new hardware for players. Just a simple brush up is probably not worth the trouble to them.Speaking from web design (which I know is not the best analog, but it what I got), it laughably trivial to buy canada goose jacket set up an automation script for exporting vectors or other high res images in compressed formats via canadian goose jacket programs like PhotoShop. I relatively sure a mid grade laptop running in a corner for a month or so could get the job done then it just canada goose outlet black friday bug fixing.And if that canada goose outlet sale the case even less reason for canada goose uk outlet them to do it.SE probably don want to hire more people for art department, especially canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet reviews for such purpose, canada goose clearance though they could done this canada goose black friday sale in a more smart way let the community create new textures and then take that user created content and integrate it canada goose coats into the game. Would save them time and $$$. 31.5GB. Add canada goose outlet nyc in higher res textures and that storage size could easily double, maybe triple.Video cards would require way more memory to display objects. canada goose outlet store uk Total characters displayed (which is the first thing to go in games with high res textures/models/physics) would have Canada Goose sale to uk canada goose go way down.Not to mention they have cheap canada goose uk to go through their old textures (if they even have them. SE seems to have an issue with keeping their old stuff) and resize/re archive them.I mean, having every piece of gear with canada goose outlet canada high resolution textures would be kill for nearly every system in things like PvP maps with 72 people, Eureka instances with 144 people on them, and hunts, special FATEs or events on the first day. Even cities would probably slow uk canada goose outlet many PCs. Unless. they changed how Canada Goose online the game works and hide even more players/monsters so that your game could run a bit smooth.Higher resolution Canada Goose Online textures for the backgrounds (floors, walls, rocks, etc), and for canada goose outlet online uk the major NPC models would probably be more reasonable, both in resources spent and people being able to use them.

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