The general trend, however, remained the same with the plant

However then you have accused me of ruining the game for others, and I am asking HOW do I ruin the game for anyone? If I spin the same stop (catch the same mon) with two Pluses in one hand nobody else will be able to spin/catch the same stop/mon? If I am beating Jolteon raid boss nobody else will? If I hand the device with the second acc to my son, since he does not play but loves joining me for raids? If I hand it to my daughter who is too young to play regularly, but loves scattering the balls around, hoping to catch the pidgey? Can you point out what exactly I am doing wrong? Not only for me, for anyone, who might be on the edge of ToS, maybe behind the line. And also for the players that play and raid with me and can seen my attitude for themselves. 2 points submitted 1 year agoNo chance to have hit 10 mons per 30 min, as not enough berries.

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