“That’s because in La Paz, carrying an aguayo marks people as

Indigenous Bolivian women have been using the technique for centuries and many embrace it as a connection to their past.But today, some young women in Bolivia have mixed feelings about the bundles, known as aguayos, and sometimes they cause tension between mothers and daughters.A Desire To Be ‘Western’When Lourdes Condori, 25, found out she was pregnant with her son, Kevin, she decided she didn’t want to carry him in an aguayo the colorful Andean weaving that indigenous Bolivians use to carry everything from groceries and clothing, to babies.”For young people, going out in the street with an aguayo on your back is looked down on,” she says. “Even now, a lot of people prefer to put their baby in a stroller, because it’s better received than replica hermes an aguayo.”That’s because in La Paz, carrying an aguayo marks people as indigenous and Condori wants to be considered more Western, more “modern.”Condori proudly shows off the stroller a secondhand blue canvas one. But the surrounding neighborhood is full of puddles and potholes, no sidewalks, and a lot of stray dogs not good terrain for a stroller.It takes almost 10 minutes just to get it out of Condori’s house, with lots of lifting and some three point turns.Condori’s mother, Patricia, thinks strollers are ridiculous.”My daughter tries to tell me she could bring the stroller to the market.

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