If on the other hand you actually want a better American future

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canada goose clearance Anthony Bourdain traveled the world and showed us what it is really like for people who live in far off places. The rest of CNN sends trickles of its resources away from the media mothership to backstop narratives written at desks in places like the Pentagon and the State Department. It was delightful that Big Brother still allowed authentic glimpses of night canada goose outlet in toronto life in places made cartoonishly bleak through the tall tales of officialdom. It is a shame that his integrity was such a rare thing among well funded infotainment. What we are left with clutches its audiences with messages of fear or hatred rather than embracing them with focus on how to get along and share the bounties of our tables. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Of course, when corporations stepped up to cover the cost canada goose outlet in vancouver of funding, this was seen as a humanitarian move when in fact it was profit seeking positioning. If the complaint is canada goose outlet london uk that the approval process is too costly, then shouldn the answer be to move it out of private sector hands where speculative plays (and the sense of entitlement to vast riches they create) aren part of the process by which we decide who lives and who dies in this society? Even if we grant that there are places where consumers might be put goose outlet canada over a barrel because a private investor got behind the right property at canada goose outlet in uk the right time, how does it follow that any of those places ought to involve canada goose outlet in montreal access to lifesaving medicines? canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka Do you have any idea how often America has done far worse to manipulate the canada goose outlet uk media of other nations? No canada goose outlet reviews one has really nailed down the scope of what the Russians did, but the very worst part about it all was that it played canada goose outlet online so perfectly into our systematic kayfabe. We usually have close two party races between hopelessly corrupt corporate shills, but both factions took the hoplessness and corruption to extremes. They actually both dared to run for leader of a nation figures already known to have stronger negative polling results than canada goose uk site positive polling results. Canada Goose Parka

canadian goose jacket That you can be distracted from this by a marginal influence that probably was no more significant than the Democratic bungling of late stage resource deployment (and surely far less important than the candidate total lack of commitments to clear and explicit policy goals, her insistence on getting final cut on all interviews leading up to the vote, or the fact that she performed so similarly to Trump himself in one debate after another) is dismaying. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose online Seriously, if you never try to raise the standards of who you support at all, then you only hoping things will get back into sewage level politics. I wish you would respect yourself and the nation enough to demand more. Any vulnerability exploited in 2016 is much more easily fixed by having serious discussions about real issues than by turning up the dial on even more partisan noise machines. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats on sale You don even understand the concept of a bot. You also don understand the difference between serious harm to our nation and a noise machine that gets its energy from precisely the sort of hyperemotional uninformed prattle that drives a person to repeat absolute bullshit like “29 buy canada goose uk state databases have been compromised.” If you want to lecture someone about reality, first make some effort to get in touch with it. Being the mindless parrot of sources you favor, really brands you been conditions to identify with, is no help to serious civic culture. In fact, that kind of unhelpful regurgitation of noise is a distraction from any possibility of a brighter future for our country. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals As I have asked in the past, I ask again, how in the world do you imagine any of your concerns could canada goose outlet seattle possible lead to a canada goose outlet official better canada goose outlet in chicago slate of candidates than the two parties put out there in 2016? Is that really a lesser problem to you than this other noise? We will remain trivially easy to corrupt as long as the kind of unserious and partially untrue analysis you so vehemently mimic is clouding up venues where grown ups might talk about something more useful than hyperpartisan lies. Have you no sense of decency at all? Wouldn you like the same for our political parties at some point in your lifetime? canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket Again with the bot stuff. How weak is your argument that you have to resort to ploys like that? There are plenty of other bad actors in the emoluments issue, and likely also plenty of intelligence agencies snooping every database canada goose factory outlet with a vulnerability. Is your worldview so childishly reductionist that you think totally taking Russia out of the picture would have any real impact either on the integrity of the Trump administration or the security of federal elections? buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Why be so paranoid about the far off other when we got two nests of world canada goose outlet class villains right here at home? Is it truly your mission to see to it neither one of them ever improves even a little bit? Don you see how much more useful a big boy civic culture would be in securing our nation than some canada goose jacket outlet uk sort of argument that the unprecedented growth of our own alphabet agencies is still not enough to guard against foreign hackers? Is your end game here an American gestapo? Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose The lesser evil didn lose the popular vote. Am I supposed to be impressed by that? What voter manipulation canada goose outlet winnipeg address could be more severe than passing off a pair of celebrity puffballs as serious national leaders? If that what you crave, then I guess you should be happy, since Russia is no threat to the popularization of hysterical misinformation like your “29 states comprimised” line. If on the other hand you actually want a better American future, maybe having some hint of a wisp of a shred of standards you could apply to the figures you support would be helpful in that regard. Seriously, how is your tinfoil hat theory a better service to society than what we saw form the purveyors of Pizzagate lies? canada goose

canada goose black friday sale Why are we concerned about legal and illegal when we could instead be concerned about having a serious civic culture? Clearly that retired grandmother is impacting the election if she got you thinking unchecked partisan corruption is must be defended against social media campaigns. After all, the best you can do in defense of your campaign of misinformation in this thread is to cry “BOT!” How badly broken must a human being be to actually think in such shabby terms. canada goose outlet location There is a world of great ideas and decent human beings out here. You canada goose coats uk just have to shrug off the bullshit of shilling for the established canada goose outlet usa power structure to appreciate that honesty and decency are traits that can exist in actual human beings. Heck, some of us even think honesty and decency ought to be encouraged on all sides of all lines on all maps. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale The idea that Hillary Clinton was remotely qualified is more problematic than anything that ever happened on Facebook. Condescending is thinking Madame “let have a no fly zone to stop ISIS” (the organization that never once got a combat aircraft off the ground) was a foreign policy genius. Are you literally incapable of holding the Democratic establishment to any standards of competence or integrity? Canada Goose sale

canada goose store Your inability to think canada goose factory outlet vancouver even a little bit about raising the http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com bar over here is fueled by the misinformation you swallowed about how much we been manipulated from abroad. They want you too keep your eye on the big bad Russian boogeyman so that all your energy is turned away from ever doing a single thing to actually make America better than the unmitigated shitshow it has been since the Reagan administration. If avoiding all improvement is your true goal, all your words have been well chosen in service to it canada goose store.

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