The last thing they expect is a malevolent spirit playing

Real Christmas Hauntings in the UK

Why ghosts at Christmas?What is your most vivid image of a Christmas ghost? Is it Scrooge and canada goose black friday sale his spirit visitors? Perhaps it’s sharing canada goose clearance sale spooky stories around the fire on a winter’s night? Wonderful as these images are they remain within the realms of fiction. Nonetheless, we do have real Christmas hauntings.

canada goose Many people might be puzzled by cheap Canada Goose the idea of Christmas ghosts, after all, isn’t Halloween the time for every thing spooky?

The fact is that spirit visitations and hauntings tend to proliferate at certain times of the year. It’s believed that the ‘veils’ between the physical and spiritual realms are thinnest around certain times during the four seasons the equinoxes and solstices. Of course just cheap canada goose uk before Christmas we have the winter solstice.

canada goose coats There might be energies released from the spirit world at this time, but there could also be a sense of anticipation and fear only due to our instincts kicking canada goose uk shop in during the dark winter Canada Goose Outlet nights.

However, I’ll leave you to decide why we do have real ghosts at Christmas.

Canada Goose sale The ancient spirits of Christmas should actually be placed at the time of the Winter Solstice.

These ageless souls are different from the general ‘walking of the dead’ known to the old Celtic peoples. The spirits would tend canada goose uk outlet to be of a more mystical nature rather than of human form.

canada goose black friday sale One of these mystic beings buy canada goose jacket that has survived today is the canada goose store Christmas fairy, canada goose placed by many of us, at the top of our tree. The traditional Christmas fairy was a benign figure, often giving the gift of prosperity for the coming Canada Goose online year.

Another ancient spirit that is still with us in many guises is the ‘wandering stranger’ who comes unannounced to our door.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Sometimes the uk canada goose outlet ‘strangers’ bring gifts (similar to Santa Clause/Father Christmas) but more often the visitor would bring a deeper meaning into the lives of those affected.

canada goose deals For example a poor person offers his guest what little food he has and shelter from the winter storm. The visitor thanks his host and leaves. The poor person goes to bed, only to wake up on Christmas morning to find many gifts buy canada goose jacket cheap of food, gold or other riches lying at his doorstep A gift from the mysterious stranger.

Canada Goose online However not all visitations from Christmas spirits were welcomed. Take for example ‘Berchta’. Originally she was a Nordic goddess, before being transformed into a yuletide witch. She certainly could be benevolent, but if crossed she became a terrifying foe.

At times Berchta is also known to have commanded the ‘wild hunt’ during the storms of winter, creating havoc across the countryside.

canada goose coats on sale Most of the ancient traditions tended to personify nature and the seasons. One such character was ‘King Winter’ a spectral, canada goose clearance mystical king who was followed by Canada Goose Jackets his servant, ‘Jack Frost’, who leaves beautiful patterns on your canada goose coats window pane to let you know canadian goose jacket he has visited.

Canada Goose Jackets Dark Shadows and poltergeists for Christmas

canadian goose jacket Most of us might just cope with a spectral visit from a loving Mum, Dad or other family member who have already passed on.

canada goose clearance sale However many of the modern stories people relate, suggest that not all Christmas hauntings are friendly. Quite a number of experiences describe frightening shadow figures and poltergeist activity, directly involving symbols of Christmas.

For example the Queen’s residence at Sandringham canada goose uk black friday House in Norfolk, has a poltergeist that begins activity from Christmas Eve onwards. The activity manifests in the servants quarters and would canada goose factory sale seem to have a particular dislike for Christmas cards. The cards are frequently scattered, thrown and generally moved around.

In other locations people report different types of paranormal activity. canada goose coats Some of the phenomena materialises around Christmas trees. Quite a number of poltergeists seem to dislike them.

buy canada goose jacket A number of families, who have experienced hauntings at Christmas, relate terrifying incidents of the trees shaking violently and in some cases being thrown across the room.

canada goose store Along with poltergeist like activity, many people have also reported the phenomena of shadow people. These ghosts usually take the shape of a human but Canada Goose Online there are no distinctive features other than a black outline. Other accounts describe hunched, un human like shapes skulking around the Christmas tree, poking at presents and pulling at decorations.

canada goose clearance It is true that Canada Goose sale this kind of activity can be witnessed at any time of the year. However, perhaps it’s more disturbing at Christmas time because of the general goodwill that people try to live by. The last thing they expect is a malevolent spirit playing havoc with the Christmas festivities.

Ironically the man who made Christmas ghosts so popular may himself be a ghost.

Canada Goose Outlet Charles Dickens is reported to walk past his old home in his beloved town of Rochester. When Charles was dying he wished to be buried in the town quietly.

cheap Canada Goose Security guards working during the festive season were totally confused about the amount of doors that were open after they had closed them.

The cause was caught on CCTV and is still a mystery today. The doors can be seen flying open. No one physical is present, Canada Goose Parka but then the footage shows an eerie robed figure stepping out to pull open the doors.

No one has yet worked out the identity of the Christmas robed figure canada goose coats on sale and the Canada Goose Coats On Sale incident remains unexplained. However some have speculated that it is the disgruntled figure uk canada goose of Cardinal Wolsey one time friend of Henry VIII.

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