Dog ears trimmed from the corners

Tutorial This Year

Ever wish you could just sew and not have to worry about matching seams at every turn?

Well then this Wonky Half Square Triangle (HST) block is for you. A block made with Fake Handbags different HST sizes. We all have them. Dog ears trimmed from the corners. Those Snowball block corners. Also replica handbags online corners trimmed from mitered strips for replica handbags china bindings. Many projects create left over triangles or triangle like scrap pieces.

best replica designer I had no idea what to do with all of them. But after tiring of looking at the overflowing bag, I started thinking of what to do without a whole lot of preparation. Minimal fuss. best replica designer

That when I came up with the high quality replica handbags idea of using them AS IS. them work as Tim Gunn purse replica handbags from Project Runway would say. I would sew all the Replica Designer Handbags different HST together with no thought to size. With one exception. I would match up the center seam going down the block.

Want to make a few? OK. Here Replica Handbags my 3 aaa replica designer handbags Step Preparation Process.

high end replica bags 1. Go gather up any HST you have been collecting. high end replica bags

2. Go through your scraps and pull out any pieces shaped like Designer Fake Bags a triangle.

replica bags china 3. And Designer Replica Bags lastly, while sorting through your scraps, pull out any pieces large enough to cut a triangle. replica bags china

bag replica high quality HOW TO MAKE ONE WONKY HALF SQUARE KnockOff Handbags TRIANGLE BLOCK bag replica high quality

buy replica bags online OK. Now. Cut your scraps into triangles. I cut mine between 2 and 2 1/2 Cut a matching white (or white on white) fabric. Right sides together. Sew triangles with 1/4 seam. Chain piece to save time and thread. Sew one triangle after the other. Do not cut thread until all triangles are sewn. buy replica bags online

Cut thread chain. Replica Bags Press triangles open. Cut tips off the corners.

replica wallets Now you are ready to build your wonky block. Replica Bags Wholesale You need 24 HST per block. Twenty to form the outside square and four for the center of the block. replica wallets

Starting with the LEFT side. Select replica bags five (5) HST and line them up. Mix up the colors and patterns. No repeats in a block. (Refer to photos for placement.)

When all 24 HST are placed, your block Wholesale Replica Bags should look Fake Designer Bags like this.

This is the area you will trim first. See my pencils? That is your guide for ruler placement. Place your see through ruler with cheap replica handbags the one inch marking on the edge of the HST and one inch marking on the edge of the HST in wholesale replica designer handbags THAT SAME ROW. Don worry about any wonkiness. The one inch of white will balance it out and create a uniformity of white sashing throughout your quilt top. Go around the block and trim the four longest sides.

high replica bags You can also trim the shorter sides of the blocks. They shouldn be that much off. Just a tad. high replica bags

This is how your Wonky HST Block should look with all sides trimmed.

best replica bags online (Note: Depending on what size your block ended up, you may wish to experiment with ONE block first. Before you cut all the corners. Cut two. Pin them to your block. Finger press to make sure the corner triangle extends to the edge of your block. So you are NOT cutting into the block when trimming. I started with 4 1/2 which proved too short. 4 3/4 or 5 would have been a better choice. BUT you experiment with one block to make sure your triangles are lined up with the block edges when sewn and pressed.) best replica bags online

replica designer bags wholesale Your corners will be added on the longer sides of the block. See my pencils. replica designer bags wholesale

Sew and press corner triangles. Trim side edges as needed.

good quality replica bags And DONE!! Repeat to make as many blocks as desired for your quilt top. good quality replica bags

Arrange Wonky Blocks to your liking.

As you can see, most of the wonkiness disappears and is not so noticeable when block is turned diagonally. Diamond shaped.

Zippered pouches are the rage right replica Purse now and tutorials are popping up all over the net. After trying a few with so so results, I decided Handbags Replica to figure out my own way of adding a zipper. I love how the above pouch turned out, so I thought I would share my process with you.

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