The talk at the table centered on the canceling of a

Lewis and Clark’s

Canada Goose Jackets A good friend of mine works for the St. Louis Rams and we try to get together to catch up on old times when we both have the canada goose outlet miami time when I in St. Louis. I happened to be staying out in St. Charles one evening the Rams offices are in Earth City, just across the Missouri River. We both able to find the time to get for a casual at Lewis and Clark in historic downtown St. Charles. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance When I worked for a company in St. Peters for a buy canada goose uk number canada goose jacket outlet store of years, Lewis and Clark was always one of our favorite places to dine for lunch or dinner. decor and cozy dining rooms are of an old English style pub. A number of years ago, Rod Thomas canada goose outlet houston bought the building that houses the restaurant for about $60,000 and envisioned a restaurant on the site. He canada goose outlet washington dc poured another $350,000 into the building and lined up investors to go in with him on a restaurant. When a proposed deal fell through, Thomas took out ads in local newspapers to try and attract another investor. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka Bob Kirkwood was running the old Classic Carriage and Car Co. in canada goose outlet new york St. Charles when he saw the ad. He met with Thomas, saw the building and immediately signed canada goose outlet uk on. Along canada goose outlet england with two veteran restaurant renovators, Philip Golm and Ken Surprenant, Kirkwood and Thomas are the principal owners of Lewis and Clark They also own the Trailhead Brewing Company, another popular restaurant/brewpub in downtown St. Charles, with Kirkwood as the managing partner for both properties. I not enamored with the stuff, but my canada goose outlet store calgary wife just loves it. It made with white beans, chicken and instead of a tomato base a traditional chili, you use chicken broth. Lewis and Clark were inundated with so many canada goose outlet canada goose outlet toronto location the recipe that they printed it up and would hand them out to people when asked. how Cindy got the recipe a number of years ago. She tried to make it at home and it didn turn out very well. Louis area. I honestly know if and Clark were the first to have white chili in St. Louis, canada goose discount uk but was the first place I ever seen white chili on any menu. I sorry, I just don care for the taste. Main from Lewis and (). My buddy, Mike, was a little late showing up, so I had a beer in the old style at the place. It wasn much longer before he showed up and we were shown to a table on the second level. We got our menus and took a quick look at what they canada goose outlet online uk had that evening. addition to soups, appetizers salads, Lewis and Clark features a number of canada goose parka uk sandwiches and burgers, and a number of main entrees that feature beef, chicken, pasta and seafood. It not a huge menu, but there always seems to be something that good that I can find on the menu. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store I hadn been to Lewis and Clark official canada goose outlet for quite sometime, but one thing I do remember is that they had a wonderful beef tenderloin kabob where they marinate the meat, and grill it along with vegetables on a skewer. The only problem is that they sometimes run out of it as they only make a certain number of them a day. It wasn a very busy night for the restaurant, so I was hoping I be canada goose outlet uk fake able to get one. The waiter went and checked with the kitchen and came back to inform me that they did still have some. So, canada goose coats uk that what I ordered, along with a side salad with their homemade Parmesan peppercorn dressing. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale Mike ordered a turkey sandwich with fries. He said, “Since Rams Park is just over the river, we come over here quite a bit for lunch. I got hooked on their turkey sandwich.” canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket We caught up on things while we waited for our food. I known Mike since his days back in Iowa City when he was for the University of Iowa. Mike and I were co best men at our buddy, Billy Wilson wedding a number of years ago. Mike was telling me that Bill and his wife, Ronda, had been down the weekend before for a canada goose outlet woodbury Rams game and then they all went to see Bruce Springsteen that evening. Mike and Billy are huge Springsteen fans and have traveled long distances to see “The Boss” play. The talk at the table centered on the canceling of a Springsteen concert the night before in Kansas City to the tragic death of one of Springsteen crew members, who was also a cousin to “The Boss”. Mike said, “Yeah, that was wild, huh? canada goose shop uk I can almost imagine how a bunch of those fans felt when they show up and the show canceled.” canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale My salad came out and the bowl was generously filled with fresh greens and topped with Lewis and Clark tangy, yet not overly zippy Parmesan peppercorn dressing. It was big enough that I quite fully finished with my salad when our main canada goose outlet store quebec entrees showed up at the table. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose The beef tenderloin kabobs were just as good as I remember. The chunks of tenderloin were a little over cooked for my taste, but still tender enough to enjoy. And the grilled veggies on the were still crunchy and fresh. The turkey sandwich features smoked turkey breast, thinly sliced and topped with tomato, lettuce, mayo and guacamole. It served on toasted whole wheat bread. It did look really good. But I was overly happy with my beef tenderloin kabob. I can say that canada goose outlet nyc about my visit to Lewis and Clark It was just as good as I remember. It been too long since I was last in and I need to keep them canada goose outlet hong kong on my radar during my visits to the St. Louis area cheap Canada Goose.

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