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Charleston Daily Mail Archives

piumini moncler uomo Charleston Daily Mail (Newspaper) April 16, 1928, Charleston, West Virginia piumini moncler uomo

moncler outlet trebaseleghe PAGE TWu. Till: CIl. I.1 APKII. RwervationB already made indi mta natural Han fields, of Cali fornia, Kansas, Otclahoma. Arkan Louisiana, Texas and West Vir ginia bp well represented at the convention. Gas company executives frsra those states have been placed ST. the program. Plans for manufacturing gas near the source of tho material used for the purpose, or at places where it can fee done most economically, and piping It long distances to the consumer have been discussed by members of the Association. Nat ural gas hau been piped far fronn the source for sometime, and unusually long distance mains moncler donna have Just been completed are under way from Texas fields. One line just com is 250 miles in length from this Texas panhandle to Wichita, and another 400 miles long, moncler outlet serravalle fiom the [panhandle to Denver is under conirttuction. Subjects and speakers already an nounced include: “Gas Sands in South Texas.” J. B. Boat, geologist of Houston; “In creasing of Natural C5as for Oil Rscovary arid Its Economic Effect on the Natural Gas Industry.” E. O. Bennett, Marlin Oil Company: “Limiting Factors for Natural Gas P. McD. Blctdeson, Gas Producing company of Louisiana: Performance in the Katural Gas Business.” R. W. Hen dfa. Oklahoma Gas corporation; “American Gas Associations’ Testing Laboratory.” R. M. Conner. Cleve land: “Whv a Gas Company Should Merchandise and How.” T. L. Phil lips. Cincinnati: “Pipe Corrosion and Protection.” W. G. Hagan, Cleve linked here https://www.moncleroutlet-i.org moncler outlet land. A large exhibit of gas ranges. appliances and apparatus from many parts of the country will be at the convention. The principle frolic of the meet ing wll! the night of May 9. Governors of five southwestern stntes and their utility commissions will be iixvlled to the convention. IN STATE L. Hays, SD. Eliza Woodrum, 79. wife of R. M. ‘Woodrum. Mary Payne, 90. of Ceredo. Annie Learned, 63 E. C. Smith, 62. Mrs. Ella I. Lav alley. 83. Percy Roach, 21. Killed In a motorcycle accident. Mrs. Emma R. Ramsey of Madi son. Martha Joanna Rogers, 78. widow Judge James P. Rogers. Mrs. Kate Watson Radcllffe, 67, of Warwood. Mrs. Mary McOill. Bertha S. To cum, 49. Frank Lavrich, 34. Killed in a fall. Lucy E. Snod jtrass, 73 of. Westchester. Mrs. Mai y Ellen Bracken Den ning, wlfa of. Theodore A. Denning. delivery service between Guatemala and the United States was inaugurated on November 17, 1937. MONEY TO LOAN . ON DIAMONDS REASONABLE RATES Peoples Investment Co. Room 893 Phone 5661 PEOPLES BANK BLDO. Do You Know What a Woman of 30 Should Weigh? It all depends on her height, course. If she Is 5 reet B Inches her nor mal weight Is 134 pounds. H she Is 5 feet 3 inches she should weigh 137 Its dangerous to be always striv ing to grow Adirondack Mot ntatns and health resorts every whc e are tilled with health shat tered women who will tell you that it doesn’t pay to be too thin. That is why so many thousands or underweight men and women are putting their (aith in McCoy’s Tab McCoy takes all the this ironclad guarantee. A. Pot terf or any drug store In STATE BRIEFS Keger. a Mor gantown architect is drawing plans for an addition to Agnes Howard the woman’s dormitory at West Virginia Yl’enfeyan college. The work wall coat about and will provide accommodations for 45 girls. of’Essex Mar tire and Fizer, both Negroes on ‘ffes of murder have been post poned at a later date because of a legal point rained by defense coun sel that no Negroes were serving on the trial jury. Prosecuting Attorney Chafln said he viewed with displea sure the attempt to establish mixed juries In llinfeo county. directed verdict of not srullty was returned in the case of John Tlmms of Brownsville, Pa., charged with driving an auto mobile while Intoxicated. S. Slowart. protetiitor emeritus of. He was re elected to the position last week, at which time the’congregation adopted a resolu tion of congratulation. McC’utclieun. of Clay county, has’been appointed superintendent of schools by the board of education of Union district. Ho will succeed Z. R. Knotty on July 1. He has studied at West Virginia Wesieyan, West Virginia university. Marshall college and Columbia uni versity. committee to de vise means for raising funds with which to continue the work of the H irrison county Tuberculosis asso ciation was appointed at a. meeting of the group last week. Funds de rived from the sale of Christmas seals’, its only revenue, are inade quate, it was said. Some of commodity he sold. Therefore the I the have also helped to the reasons advanced for hi, opin ion were creation of the federal re 1 ness back whole structure breaks down, and it an Invaa serve banking system: tendency of business to consolidate an. I the i spread of economic information. I “Our present marketing system, Fc Ulrg on the installment plrin Is a direct result ot the new banking j the speaker yald. “Economists are divided in tlielr opinions on the soundness of in stallment buying and I point out the fact without committing my self. “When prices mount, profits in crease and Is a corresj’Ondlng booms anil depressions. Stephen j increase in production. Eventually I. Miller, executive manager of the j wages jro up. This is of course, dis National Ass’. clatlon of Credit Men I aetrous to the man who sold on a 00 and nationally known economist told] day credit plan, for what he’iecelves members of the Huntinston associa J In payment in of less value than the stabilize business. t. “The spread” of ecorforhic Informa tion is one of the greatest In business stabilization.; This is the work of such organisations as the National Association Credit Men and the American Institute of Then, ive have changed our whole plan merchandising. Instead of buying in large quantities every busi ness man, from the retail merchant to the big manufacturer buys in; small quantities. As a result there! _fhere are 96 Unit is no frozen merchandise and no ators graat overhead absorbing profits. “Salesmen and credit managers have learnecf’that selling goods, and nothing more, accomplishes less than nothing. “Mergers taking place throughout PIANO TUNING Voice regulating; Repairing and Exports. GALPBRIN WtJSIC 00. 17 Capitol St., Phone 1023 Intensive training in the art of with many weapons i being jyiven. part of a political plot. D. of rey, an engineer for the Spruce River Coal company is the fifth to announce for the Republican nomi nation for piumini moncler uomo assessor of Boone county. of and remedies for juvo ile delinquency nnd the work of juvenile ‘ ourts vv: s dis cussed by Judge John of the Improvement At the close ot his address the jurist waa made an honorary im mber oC the association. Twelve candidates for were present and coun’ty of.” made short talks. HALF AND HALF A now street sandal divides from tirm favorable to of I to het” to havs one. ide black Mayor “W1J1 E. Neai charges that! lizard the hiveml’ r shark the arrest of three of the club’s j moncler bambino saldi skin. The joining members on charges of larceny is i stitch’ig. PUTS AN END TO BUNION PAINS No Need to Suffer Another Day There in unc nlmple. yet inexpen sive way moncler uomo to reduce Inflammation off swollen toe ami help get down to normal find that moncler bambino outlet is to apply! Emerald Oil anrl mornincr. j Ash C. A. It Is such a highly toncentratprl prepurution that two ounce.1 lasts a long time nnd furthormon if MIC Imtfle of Oil doe i not. t um j iileto you havo your Now Playing Three Days Only! openwork j Special note. W. C. Slaughter, 315 Rrad, Charleston ex sat Is’action, for this new medical prepare’Ion, which, is A Liberal Allowance For Your Old Living Room Suite ON A NEW ONE! Tour old Living moncler saldi uomo Room, Bedroom or Dining Room Suite can be traded in on a new one at our Exchange Department. New Cabinet Style Phono graphs Reasonably Priced PAY as you get PAID New Shipments Highest Grade Rugs in Stock MB. W. C. SLAfGHTER moncler saldi by Bennett’s Stadlo. ‘Old In quaatlMw at the Potter Drug Store, Capitol i; Virginia VLI., thU city. “This moncler saldi outlet DiRdtclre ftenofttcd me In r. pry cbouc gave me a com pletfl nrv; I can’t praisa It.00 Mr. Slaughter. “For 15 I suffeicd with attacks of neuritis and affliction set tiny worse all tbs time. Toward iBit the palna were, so severe that the: would Phoot thru my system. It woul feel like a o( electricity. M, hands and arms were getting so thai I could hard 1 USM them. I fccpt off from voTk crnMnunlly and finally I thought I wouM have to give up en tirely and becomf a ‘sot In’. “I was alao very nervous. At night I would and twist nnd sometimes never slept outlet moncler a. wink. It astonishing to me. In uplto of the Inrge moncler outlet amount I VM eating every dny my food digested perfectly and there was never any after meals. Today I feal better thnn I have for man? My nerves arc steady ft ml my vholc system 1m nmvrd wonderfully. I ov. c It all to Konjoln and I will never stop praising this medicine.” Konjola is strongly recommended ml the PotterEIrld Dm? Store, and in be ing by ftll tha best In all this IDEAL FURNITURE CO. Summers Get a true his tory of your life read by thla sci entific palmist. Thle gifted wom an will read your past, present and future, and your. by the eclenoe of Everything strictly Satisfaction sruar dlspoMtion palmlutry. confidential, antnecl. Houri) 3 a, m. to 3 p. m. SSHKSg Sale is for this week only we piumini moncler advise stocking up now! All Kroger Stores are well supplied. Housewives who have re.’ alized savings in our pre vious sales will be quick to take advantage of these values! COUNTRYCLUB Flour A lb. sackt An ideal flour for all general baking purposes pillsbury or Gold Medal Country Club Flou lb. Fleischniann Crisco Teast cake large 3 lb. can, 72c 1 lb. can piumini moncler outlet BAKING POWDERS by pay a higher prlrc for your baking pou’der tlmn Jvrogcr nsks? tjare the difference. can, 9c; moncler outlet trebaseleghe large can.29c can, 9c; 6 oz., 24c; Ig. can 45c Davis 0 can, 9c; large can 22c can.29c PURE EXTHACTS Made tii or own laboratory front finest Mexican Van Ilia moncler outlet online uomo Beans and genuine Messfnu piumini moncler scontatissimi Oil of Lemon.’ finer quality made Vanilla, 3 4 oz. bottle, lie; 11 2 oz. botl. APPLES, Rome Beauty, 2 Ibs. 25c 5c FANCY ICEBERG, 3 Heads, LEAF LETTUCE, lb. 15c Palmolive Sweetheart A fine moncler outlet online shop (ollct soup. Bar. 2 burs. Mi li. Arm iinrt Hammer Soda, pkg piumini moncler saldi Kwik Ammonia. 2 15c Super1 Sods, Ig. pkff. Oc Kitchen Klenzer, can.6c Sutlna Tablets, pkg..60 23c Lux, 3 bars.24c Flr’.’s, lOc; Toilet form Pork Steaks Shoulder SHORT RIBS Prime Beef lb. ISc VEAL Rib 25c BREASTS 17c Chops, lb. SAUSAGE Country Club Bologna whole lb. 18c BBfBtfaWfcWWBf i I i i’ r moncler outlet trebaseleghe.

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