Women face daily harassment across India

Indian gang rape victim dies in hospital

Updated 10:10 PM ET\n\n\n\nSINGAPORE An Indian woman who was gang raped and beaten on a bus in New Delhi died Saturday at a Singapore hospital, after her ordeal galvanized Indians to demand greater protection for women from sexual violence that impacts thousands of them every day.\n\n\n\nIndian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he was aware of the emotions the attack has stirred and that it canada goose victoria parka outlet was up to all Indians to ensure that the young woman\u0027s death will not canada goose outlet london have been in vain.\n\n\n\nThe victim \”passed away peacefully\” with her family and officials of the Indian canada goose outlet us Embassy by her side, Dr. Kevin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth hospital, said in a statement.\n\n\n\nAfter 10 days at a hospital in New Delhi, the Indian capital, the woman was brought Thursday to Mount Elizabeth hospital, which specializes in multi organ transplants. Loh said the woman had been in extremely critical condition since Thursday, and by late Friday her condition had taken a turn for the worse, with her vital signs deteriorating.\n\n\n\n\”Despite all efforts by a team of eight specialists in Mount Elizabeth Hospital to keep her stable, her condition continued to deteriorate over these two days,\” Loh said. \”She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.\”\n\n\n\nThe woman and a male friend, who have not been identified, were traveling on a bus in New Delhi after watching a film on the evening of Dec. 16 when they were attacked by six men who raped her. The men also beat the couple and inserted an iron rod into the woman\u0027s body, resulting in severe organ damage. Both were then stripped canada goose outlet england and thrown off the bus, according to police.\n\n\n\nIndian police have arrested six people in connection with the attack, which left the victim with severe canada goose outlet uk fake internal injuries, a lung infection and brain damage. Raghavan told reporters that the scale of the injuries the woman suffered was \”very grave\” and in the end \”proved too much.\”\n\n\n\nHe said arrangements were being made to take her body back to India.\n\n\n\nThe frightening nature of the crime shocked Indians, who have come out in the thousands canada goose outlet toronto for almost daily demonstrations. Indian television channels said security had been tightened in New Delhi on Saturday in anticipation of more protests following the woman\u0027s death.\n\n\n\nThe protesters are demanding stronger protection for women and the death penalty for rape, which is now punishable by a maximum of life imprisonment. Women face daily harassment across India, ranging from catcalls on the streets, groping and touching in public transport to rape.\n\n\n\nSingh said he understands the angry reaction to the attack and hopes all Indians will work together to make appropriate changes.\n\n\n\n\”These are perfectly understandable reactions from a young India and an India that genuinely desires change,\” the prime minister said in a statement Saturday. \”It would be a true homage to her memory if we are able to channel these emotions and energies into a constructive course of action.\”\n\n\n\nHe said the government canada goose outlet online store review was examining the penalties for crimes such as rape \”to enhance the safety cheap canada goose and security of women.\”\n\n\n\n\”I hope that the entire political class and civil society will set aside narrow sectional interests and agendas to help us all reach the end that we all desire \u0097 making India a demonstrably canada goose outlet authentic better and safer place for women to live in,\” Singh said.\n\n\n\nMamta Sharma, head of the state run National Commission for Women, said the \”time has come for strict laws\” to stop violence against women. Also, police often refuse to accept complaints from those who are courageous enough to report the rapes, and the rare prosecutions that reach courts drag on for years.\n\n\n\nIndian attitudes toward rape are so entrenched that even politicians and opinion makers have often suggested that women should not go out at night or wear clothes that might be seen canada goose outlet kokemuksia provocative.\n\n\n\nOn Friday, Abhijit Mukherjee, a national lawmaker and the son of India\u0027s president, apologized for calling the protesters https://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com \”highly dented and painted\” women who go from discos to demonstrations.\n\n\n\n\”I tender my unconditional apology to all the people whose sentiments got hurt,\” he told NDTV news.\n\n\n\nSeveral Indian celebrities reacted with sadness Saturday over the woman\u0027s death. The three accused in the rape were only arrested Thursday night, a month after the crime was reported.\n\n\n\n\”This is a very sensitive crime, I have taken it very seriously,\” said Paramjit Singh Gill, a top police officer in the city of Patiala.\n\n\n\nThe Press Trust of India reported that the woman was raped Nov. 13 and reported the attack to police Nov. 27.

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