There an episode of The Pizza Show where they go to Naples and

Remove whatever trunk/hatch interior panels so you can see the wires from the camera and try to trace the power + back to whatever it tapped in to (likely reverse lights)Remove/undo the tap, and re tap into some wire that always has power (when the car is ON or ACCY, otherwise the battery will drain).Now, with no further modification, the camera will always be on and you might not be able to use the head unit for anything other than seeing behind youRemove your head unit and unplug the yellow RCA cable (video from camera)Buy an RCA or composite extension cable like this and plug male end into rear of head unit. Run the female extension end and male rearview end into the driver general area where they both accessible. You have to plug/unplug whenever you want the rearviewDo the above, but buy a composite video input switch/selector like this and make it accessible in the driver area.

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