The Los Angeles Rams are effectively replacing Sammy Watkins

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Hermes Handbags Additionally, he caught up with Shane Waldron, too, who will be the Rams pass game coordinator in 2018.You can see the exchange in the video below.The Los Angeles Rams are effectively replacing Sammy Watkins who had a disappointing season in 2017 with Brandin Cooks. They acquired Cooks from the Patriots this week, adding one of the fastest players in the NFL to an offense that led the league in points a year ago.So what exactly is Los Angeles getting in Cooks? Well, replica hermes birkin 35 a player who can score from anywhere on the field, and one who can command the attention of defensive backs each week.Here are three stats to know about the Rams newest wideout.One of 2 WRs with 1,000 yards and 7 TDs in each of the last three yearsChuck Cook USA TODAY SportsIn each of the past three seasons, Cooks has recorded at least 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns. Incredibly, he and Antonio Brown are the only two players in the NFL to reach those numbers every year since 2015.During that stretch, hermes bracelet replica he has 227 receptions for 3,393 yards and 24 touchdowns. Hermes Handbags

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