Personally I found that making the scales look nice was less

Using Liquid Latex to Create a Scaly Effect

moncler outlet ny About: I am moncler outlet sale learning to teach and teaching to learn. A student of education, specifically art of the visual sort, hoping at the very least. After experimenting with several products I found that liquid latex created the most realistic look, was the easiest to apply, and held up the best throughout the night. Some things to consider are the look you are uk moncler outlet Moncler Outlet trying to create, how much area you are trying to moncler outlet woodbury cover, colors you want to use, and cost of these materials. When Idecided what worked best for me, I knew Idid not want to cover my entire body in moncler sale bright green scales. Instead wanted the scales to be more subdued, but still noticeable from a distance and cover different parts at different consistences. There are a variety of other types and brands on the market that might suit your moncler uk outlet needs better. It may help to draw out a map, especially if some of cheap moncler jackets womens these heavy uk moncler sale areas are moncler sale online out of your discount moncler jackets reach and someone else has to apply the latex moncler usa there. On these areas I wanted moncler sale outlet the scales the heaviest, around the eyes and on my back, I applied a base coat of liquid latex. I just finger painted these areas on, though you can just as easily use a foam brush or sponge. Since the look I was going for was less crisp and more of a blended moncler outlet online effect Idid cheap moncler coats mens not worry about how clean my edges were or how even moncler outlet the latex was applied, but if your vision calls for clean lines and even application apply the latex in that fashion instead. Personally I found that making the scales look nice was less about how the individual scales looked but how they looked together. The size, shape, directionality of each scale really doesn’t need to be worried over. If you think they look off add a few more in between them. If on scale bleeds into another one don’t worry, it is just one out of cheap moncler sale hundreds and will not be noticed. This takes much longer, but if you have the time and commitment has a moncler online store very lovely and realistic effect. By changing the size of your tool you can change the moncler womens jackets size of your scales. You may want to play varying the sizes in different areas such as small scales near the edges and larger ones in the cheap moncler jackets mens middle. Change the shape of your moncler outlet store scales, cheap moncler jackets either by painting them on or using a tool that is a different moncler outlet prices shape such as a clothespin. The look I liked the best used cream based face and body paints of various greens over the latex and surrounding skin, then applying loose powder foundation to tone down all the green and give the latex a dusty sheen. On my face I also accented a little iridescent powders around my eyes. Despite all the layers, the scales don’t really make a mess onto everything and while you might lose a scale here or there, it pretty much holds up until you want to take it off. While not painful it is slightly uncomfortable and very difficult to best moncler jackets remove if it is in your hair. Remove as directedwith soap and water. moncler outlet ny

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