They are less likely to canada goose outlet online have rack

Is a 1x drivetrain practical

Remember to vote canada goose outlet jackets based on quality, not opinion, and keep your submission titles cheap canada goose uk factual and opinion free. Do not downvote opinions just because you disagree with them.

On the other hand, be generous with upvotes. They are free, after all.

The general rule is photo and video buy canada goose jacket cheap submissions to /r/mtb should be of people riding mountain canada goose outlet parka bikes. If you want to submit a canada goose outlet store uk trail or bike canada goose outlet in usa photo instead your new bike leaning against a tree, or the view from top canada goose uk shop of the trail, for example submit your link as a text post and include some canada goose outlet uk sale details and context, canada goose like this.

If you think your post was removed by mistake, use the message the canadian goose jacket moderators link in Canada Goose Online the sidebar and include a canada goose coats link to your post. (Otherwise we ignore it. We are busy, after all.)Buy the cheapest second hand road bike you can find Canada Goose Outlet that isn going to crumble canada goose outlet sale under you or need new parts every week canada goose outlet online uk (100 200?) for commuting and spend the rest on the MTB. If I were you I would look at second canada goose clearance hand Discount Goose MTBs as official canada goose outlet well. You don want to trash your nice 1000 canada goose uk outlet MTB in the rain and road salt, and you canada goose coats on sale don want it to get nicked when locked up outside your workplace, you don want it to get smashed by a car, etc. buy canada goose jacket With a 100 road bike you won care (too much) if it Canada Goose online gets crushed by a bus or someone steals your seat post.

This way you will be faster on the road and your MTB canada goose outlet new york city will stay in much better condition. Slap some racks/mudguards on the commuter canada goose outlet nyc as well if you can.

Edit: to add, if you do get a 1x MTB, there absolutely nothing canada goose outlet shop wrong with 1x on road.

My gravel canada goose black cheap Canada Goose friday sale grinder (Haanjo trail) is as (or more) capable an off roader as any 80s/90s rigid MTB and I ride with people who did way gnarlier things canada goose outlet store back in the day than I will ever do on it.

If you planning on riding flowy canada goose jacket outlet single track canada goose uk black friday or relatively smooth trails, canada goose outlet canada Canada Goose Parka a gravel grinder is a beast.

If you going to be riding serious trails, Canada Goose sale rock gardens, rooty messes, or dirt jump tracks, you want more bike.

My gravel grinder ridiculously much faster, plus more canada goose outlet comfortable for longer rides, than my HT on tarmac or mixed tarmac/gravel, and canada goose store it uk canada goose has much lower running costs on those surfaces (not burning out expensive MTB tires at a painful rate, and a MTB with crappy tires is no better than a gravel or hybrid bike on trails).

So yeah, either go the 2 bike route canada goose outlet uk with a canada goose factory outlet decent MTB and canada goose factory sale a cheap commuter, or go the gravel grinder route. Especially cagooseclearance if they have higher spoke count wheels (like 26 or 28 spoke), and especially if you actually think about how you manipulate your weight and don just monster truck it.

Cross bikes are made for cyclocross racing. There mud. There rocks. There mild obstacles. If they couldn take the punishment they wouldn be much good, would they?

And just as an FYI, it worth remembering that there are (small, but real) differences between gravel grinders and cross bikes.

Cross bikes have more aggressive geometry for racing. They a bit less comfortable Canada Goose Jackets for long rides, more nimble/twitchy, and more likely to come with 1x canada goose outlet reviews uk canada goose outlet groups (especially newer ones, 1x is becoming popular in CX just like MTB). They are less likely to canada goose outlet online have rack mounts. They have less flexibility in wheel and tire choice since there are CX regulations limiting those.

Gravel grinders are for adventure canada goose clearance sale riding, bikepacking, Canada Goose Coats On Sale etc. They have rack mounts. They designed to be reasonably comfortable to ride all day (more upright position, mainly). They 100% have disk brakes and often have 2x groups to ensure a wide gear range with reasonable steps goose outlet canada to keep comfortable cadence. They also generally accept wider tires (some even 650b MTB wheels) since there nothing canada goose outlet toronto factory stopping them.

I in PA, so all my trails are rocky and rooty. I ride an XC oriented hardtail on most of the singletrack in the area because canada goose black friday sale canada goose outlet black friday having a fork and burlier tires are super handy for the conditions.

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