The Islamists can say what they want; anyone who criticizes

Creeping Sharia

In 2008, while arguing for the need to formally introduce Sharia law into the law of the United Kingdom, the Archbishop of Canterbury claimed Sharia law was “inevitable” in the canada goose outlet locations in toronto UK. He denied it was an “alien” system and called for “constructive accommodation” of Muslim law. He did this in a calculated and provocative manner, while denying a place for its more “extreme punishments.”

canada goose coats on sale It is unlikely that many members of the Muslim community would be satisfied with an Anglican primate determining the limitations of the Quran and Sharia law. canada goose coats on sale

This argument was rapidly followed by the Lord Chief Justice: Lord Phillips helpfully said there was a place for Sharia law, particularly in mediation. He lamented the “widespread misunderstanding” of Sharia law. The newly established Muslim Arbitration Tribunals immediately put a picture of the Lord Chief Justice on their canada goose outlet eu website in appreciation of his endorsement.

Canada Goose Outlet In the United Kingdom, the many thousands of Sharia courts can quietly go about their business of implementing “justice” in a form totally “alien” to the Judeo Christian tradition, denying human rights to many of our citizens particularly women. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap The “constructive accommodation” of Muslim law reached a logical conclusion with the declaration this year of Sharia law canada goose outlet winnipeg address controlled zones in a number of areas geographically spread over the country, where the Islamist militants enforce their will. Their posters declare: “No music or concerts, no porn or prostitution, no canada goose outlet price drugs or smoking, no gambling, no alcohol.” A reign of terror has begun, with threats of implicit violence against anyone who “insults” Islam, canada goose outlet montreal changes religion, or fails to dress appropriately. canada goose parka uk I have already been contacted about assisting two individuals subject to Islamist threats. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The police stand passively by, adhering to their diversity training.

cheap Canada Goose If the canada goose outlet legit Labour Party had Canada Goose Outlet won the last general election in 2010, I believe they would have introduced Sharia law into the United Kingdom. Things have changed for the better since David Cameron became prime minister he has criticized “state multiculturalism” as causative of terrorism and radicalism. An inquiry of the Ministry of Justice into the operation of Sharia courts had to be stopped as Muslim leaders refused to cooperate with the government; they wanted to continue to execute Sharia law in secrecy. However, this has only heightened concerns. A Conservative peer has sought to introduce legislation delimiting the operation of Sharia courts as discriminatory against women. The home secretary has at last refused entry visas to “hate preachers” like Zakir Naik. (The last Labour government welcomed Hezbollah terrorists to lecture the police on “political Islam.”) cheap Canada Goose

canada goose When I was a boy growing up in London, as Roger Kimball has written, terms like “Sharia” and “jihad” were anthropological phrases analogous to witch burning, using leeches to draw blood, and cannibalism. It would have been beyond my comprehension that our political elite would seek to introduce this medieval system into one of the most advanced societies in the world. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Sharia law is the antithesis of law as representative of rational human endeavor to alleviate the canada goose outlet 80 off human condition. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale In this short piece, it is not possible to fully illuminate the “establishment” of Islam in the United Kingdom (as described by the First Amendment). I can only give examples. As the notice was served, the council officer said: “This is a Muslim area.” (Naturally, this statement was denied in court.) Canada Goose sale

However, it was the court experience which was most disturbing; the local court was in an area with a high Muslim population, and the majority of the judges hearing the case were Muslim. The court closed the church. I thought the only image missing from the scene was about 200 mullahs demonstrating outside the court for the death of the infidels.

canada goose canada goose jacket outlet uk clearance canada goose outlet online sale The case was appealed, and moved to a district canada goose outlet black friday that was predominantly English (where the appeal court was situated). The court opened the church. canada goose clearance sale

This case was canada goose factory outlet similar to a case where Muslim police officers prevented two street preachers, Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, from evangelizing in Birmingham. The Muslim police office called it a “hate crime” to seek to convert Muslim youths. A Muslim police office failed to uphold British values: social cohesion requires that the appointment of Muslim judges and police officers is in accordance with British standards and values.

In 2005, the BBC broadcast Jerry Springer The Opera. It conformed to the usual high standards of the BBC: Jesus in a nappy; Jesus a “little bit gay”; the fondling of Jesus’s genitals. Fifty five thousand complaints were received, and ignored the BBC governors declared the program “artistically exceptional.” There was legal action against the BBC, but they bravely defended themselves using taxpayers’ money by asserting their willingness to challenge sensitivities. No apology was given.

How brave. Yet their courage seems to fail with Islam, and there has yet to be such an “artistically exceptional” program on Mohammed (nor will there ever be).

buy canada goose jacket This must be juxtaposed with a BBC program titled Question Time, a flagship political discussion program in which free speech is vital to open debate. Mr. Charles Moore, a former editor of the Sunday Telegraph and the Spectator magazine, openly criticized the Muslim Council of Britain for not condemning the killing and kidnapping of British troops overseas and suggested they thought it was a “good thing.” The BBC offered a 30,000 payment from taxpayers’ money, along with an apology. No attempt was made to defend free speech. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket If this decision by the BBC had been challenged as inconsistent with their position to the Christian community, it would have been canada goose outlet uk dismissed by the court (with costs to pay). canadian goose jacket

In 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the underwear bomber) appeared on the world scene. He is the fourth British Muslim student leader in three years to be implicated in terrorist activity. He was a devout Nigerian student, clearly radicalized during his time at London University many of our universities have become hotbeds of Islamic radicalism, where Jewish students canada goose outlet store quebec keep a low profile. Of course, London University commissioned a report and denied that Umar was radicalized while in their educational care, and they defended the right of free speech. Undaunted, Islamic hate preachers continue to canada goose outlet canada appear regularly at canada goose outlet online uk London University. I was recently contacted by the Exeter University Christian Union after they were expelled from the student union for having a discriminatory membership policy. university would ever suffer such a “silly” fate because of the First Amendment.

Canada Goose Parka Poor Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang entered a religious discussion with a Muslim guest at their bed canada goose outlet phone number and breakfast hotel in Liverpool. Foolishly in a private conversation, they described Mohammed as a “warlord.” They were prosecuted by the police. Canada Goose Parka

Canada canada goose outlet store new york Goose online The evidence was so bad that the judge effectively threw the case out (and it is instructive to note that a Muslim guest gave evidence on behalf of the couple), but this was not before a year of awaiting trial and the devastation of their business. Their bed and breakfast had been used by the local hospital, which now refused to use such an Islamophobic hostel. The state used its economic powers to ensure that British citizens’ private religious views conform to state policy. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Simultaneously, the British police act in the vanguard of the Islamification of Britain by selectively terrorizing the British population to use only the “free speech rights” of which they approve. In 2007, Channel 4 produced a documentary titled Undercover Mosque which showed video of imams saying things like: “You have to bomb the Indian businesses and, as for the Jews, you kill them physically,” among a whole range of other religious speech advocating violent jihad. A clear case of a canada goose vest outlet “hate crime,” no? canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale The Crown Prosecution Service said no charges should be brought, and the police announced they would consider prosecuting Channel 4 for showing the documentary. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance You can imagine what the average British citizen thinks. The Islamists can say what they want; anyone who criticizes this or shows it will be prosecuted by the police. Of course, Channel 4 is big enough and wealthy enough to defend itself they sued the police for libel. The police capitulated and paid 100,000 to Channel 4, and accepted “without reservation” that the documentary was accurate and dealt with the subject matter responsibly. canada goose clearance

canada goose store The question remains: why have the imams not been arrested? canada goose outlet in vancouver And why have the police officers themselves not been arrested for interfering with the administration of justice? canada goose store

canada goose deals Many British employers permit the hijab, but not a cross, and so on and so forth. I could continue, but I am sure you get the picture. Islam is becoming the established religion. However, while the Islamists welcome it, the causative reason is a liberal elite who are “fellow travelers” with a primitive juristic system. The Labour Party and Democratic Party are sympathetic to religious practice that discriminates against women, homosexuals, and Jews everything they purport to be against canada goose canada goose outlet toronto factory deals.

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