Pan fried with a little olive oil

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Okay so, none of my musician friends care about this (they not into electronic music) so I had no Canada Goose Outlet one to share this exciting news with, so I gonna post canada goose coats on sale it here for y dad works at a school, and one of his colleagues was gonna throw this thing out, since it was having some issues, and she wasn using it much anyway, so my dad got it for free, and since he know I into this stuff, he gave it to me.

cheap Canada Goose There are a few issues. It crackles a bit, and two of the voice chips aren working as they should. There a knob missing, and a few of the canada goose buttons don work cheap Canada Goose as they should. Canada Goose online Other than that it in great shape.

I planning on having the chips replaced and getting a technician to fix everything up. It be a slightly pricey repair, but I willing to spend the money, since I got it for free.

EDIT: This is also my canada goose factory sale first analogue synth, uk canada goose outlet so I excited to get it in full working order!

canada goose coats EDIT 2: Wow, I didn expect cheap canada goose uk this to get so much attention. I be sure to post some music when it get fixed!

canada goose clearance EDIT 3: Thank Canada Goose Parka you all so much for your kind words! I had problems with motivation for making music, but getting this synth and hearing y be enthusiastic about it as well gives me new motivation 😀

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Canada Goose Jackets Squish, Squishtato, Squishy Fish, Fish Biscuit, Squishtopher, Squiddy, Snooch, Squishalumpf, Squishward. These are just some of the names I called Squishy. We had lots of fun together. And he helped me through some of the really hard parts. He had a good life. He liked kisses on the head, Canada Goose Coats On Sale and having the tips of his ears Canada Goose Jackets rubbed. He liked when I sang him weird little songs. He was crazy, and spazzy, and howly. He become a lap cat much later in life, but only for a few minutes at time, because he usually had someplace to be, in a hurry. I held him when he was born, and I held him when he died. Tuesday was the first morning in almost 17 years that I woke up without him in the world. I miss his little face. Life is going to be harder without him. I love you, Squishy.

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canada goose deals I only heard them called hen of the woods. They get that name because of their appearance, not texture. It nothing like chicken. Oyster or shiitake mushrooms are more like chicken (and still nothing like chicken).

Canada Goose sale They are by far my favourite mushroom though. Pan fried with a little olive oil, salt and garlic then put on a crustini they one of the Canada Goose sale simplest and tastiest appetizers going. Crazy expensive where I am canada goose coats so they canada goose black friday sale never be a main star of a dish. 3 points submitted 4 months ago

buy canada goose jacket cheap Load balancer: At work, we have a mixture, however I trying to get us away from the physical devices. I can make changes to those as quickly and those changes aren version controlled canada goose uk outlet as well. For personal, everything is in the butt.

canada goose coats on sale For AWS, I put things in an autoscaling group, adjusting rules as necessary. Even better would be to use canada goose uk shop terraform or CloudFormation, but I haven dove into that very far yet.

canada goose black friday sale There 2 ways to set up the servers: spin up then configure, or configure then spin up from a snapshot. At work we use spin up then configure with puppet. At home I configure with ansible then create an AMI and spin up from that. I will use jenkins to automate that canada goose clearance sale in the future, but that stepping into DevOps territory (which I think every sysadmin should be familiar with). 2 points submitted 4 months ago

Canada Goose online OMFG Terraform. I recently started playing with it, and for shits and giggles, I spun up a a test of our entire platform on AWS. 40 boxes, 6 subnets, load balancers, vpc config, the whole thing. If you told me 25 years ago that I could spin up a complex platform environment in under an hour, I would have called bullshit.

canada goose clearance sale I old, and cranky, and it annoys the shit out of me when someone calls something, “The Shit”, but, Terraform is The SHIT.

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buy canada goose jacket Nope. If buy canada goose jacket my feelings about canada goose clearance her were untainted by her sex and/or gender, there are certainly many others who had strong criticisms that were not based in misogyny. In no way do I state that all criticism of Clinton is Canada Goose Online rooted in misogyny.

That said, my position is that there are a lot of males that have a deep distrust of women. No, I can produce numbers that can attest to that. Anecdotally speaking, about 95% of the males I worked with were pretty damned misogynist (I work in tech). Misogyny is a thing, and it shouldn be discounted or ignored. And I honestly believe that it played a major factor in Clinton loss.

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Nope. Criticism is fine. Criticism is GOOD. And criticism does not and should not require a qualifying or validating statement, eg. “I don like her, but it has nothing to do with her sex or gender”.

It the criticism that comes WITH the misogynist statements built in. “She did canada goose store x, y and z; I wouldn vote for that bitch!” Things like that. They are self identifying statements. Again, I can canada goose uk black friday give you a number, and there is likely a degree of confirmation bias here, buy canada goose jacket cheap but the amount of things like this that I heard and seen posted is astounding. People that I (used to) think were well spoken and had generally cogent arguments, were tingeing their criticism with sexist remarks.

canada goose store So the best I can do is to apply the sample set of of all people who make these comments that are friends, family or in extended social circles, and multiply by x. And that math points to canadian goose jacket a percentage indicating baseline misogyny.

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