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I had little experience seeing special things and little development in my tiny child brain to understand when I saw them.But when I saw Royce Gracie stop Dan Severn with a triangle choke at UFC 4, I understood entirely.Gracie was already something of a mythical creature, a man who had won two UFC tournaments and was ousted from his third only after one of early MMA’s great wars sapped him of his ability to continue.It was in that third tournament, against the brawny Kimo Leopoldo, that a pattern emerged: Gracie would take a beating, lay in the cut, defend as long as required and then slap on a submission to secure a win.That game plan pursevalley reviews 2017 emerged again at UFC 4.Having already disposed of iconic groin puncher Keith Hackney and iconic old guy Ron van Clief, Gracie met Severn in the tournament final. A hulking wrestler known as The Beast, Severn had run through his side of the bracket with a pair of scary submission wins and looked like Gracie’s kryptonite.Their fight was a war of attrition, a grinding affair that exceeded 15 minutes and largely consisted of the gigantic Severn mauling Gracie from top position. In the end, as he had against Kimo, Gracie found his angle and locked in the triangle choke.It was special.

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