In these meetings it was understood that we would say whatever

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canada goose clearance If you have questions related in any way to joining the Air Force, whether commissioning or enlisting, ROTC, AF Academy, OTS or BMT, post your questions in the weekly newbie thread at the top of the page. Your post will Canada Goose Outlet be deleted if you post it anywhere else.

buy canada goose jacket We are all here to help or get help. Please keep it civil. Driving back from tdy my car got rear ended by a guy reaching down for a canada goose coats cigarette, ending up spinning into canada goose store a ditch and buy canada goose jacket car was totaled. When I got back to Minot I asked the canada goose clearance new flight chief if I could a few days of leave to fly home to pick up car and canadian goose jacket drive back. He suggested I get someone to buy it for me and pay them back. This wasn’t a 2 4 thousand dollar car. This was over 11 grand and I canada goose uk black friday got a great deal at a whole sale dealership in NJ. Anyway after pleading Canada Goose Online on 3 canada goose clearance sale separate occasions I utilized the chain of command and asked the Senior and instantly got approved. Needless to say flight chief didn’t like that and probably got a talking to for not allowing someone to canada goose coats on sale acquire a car in the middle of winter in Minot. Ever since then dude had Canada Goose Coats On Sale it out for me, so much it eliminated the chance for re enlisting because I knew it was a matter of time before him and the knuckle dragging E 6 suck ups would catch me with some bs paperwork like the handful before me. I knew I was in the crosshairs and wasn’t getting out of them anytime soon. During a nuke generation I got really sick on the 12 hour night shift. Throwing up, diarrhea the whole deal. Expeditor sent me home and my roommates took me to the clinic downtown to receive ivs and I was sent home. The next morning I had absolutely no energy and only got up to shit or throw up. Couldn’t keep anything inside me to the point where I was throwing up blood and then eventually black vile due to the rhabdomyolysis. Texted a good friend of mine what was going on and was waiting on my supervisor to come take me to the hospital. Guess my friend got swooped up to take over for day shift for a launch and never had the chance to let flight chiefs know what was going on. On the other side was the flight chief who after 10 minutes I shit you not called the commander to say I was AWOL. Supervisor eventually came and told me what was going on. When I got to the hospital I instantly passed out and they ran test on kidney cheap canada goose uk and liver to see they were severely damaged due to dehydration turns out I Canada Goose Jackets had food poisoning and mononucleosis. Was in hospital for 4 days. The day I got out of the hospital that flight chief calls me and tells me I need to come to shirt’s office. Figured they were just checking up on me. Nope! Douche was waiting there with a shit grin and him and the shirt marched me to the commanders office to receive me LOR. Turns out even though I was canada goose on my death bed I was supposed to go to clinic on base for follow up.

cheap Canada Goose New TSgt who had barely done our job throughout her Canada Goose Parka career. Didn always know what she was talking about, but we could usually figure out what she wanted us to do. Now the real problem was a doozy of a combo. She was a micromanager, and extremely inconsistant with the rules she made. Not only did she have to know where everybody was at all times, Canada Goose sale she had to know the exact details of how you completed any task. If you didn put the step by step of everything you did on a ticket, even if it was a simple software install, you would get your ass chewed out in front of everyone at the evening meeting.

Canada Goose online The other side, as I mentioned, was her inconsistency with the cheap Canada Goose rules of uk canada goose the office. One week we would be ordered to call all canada goose uk outlet of our customers for that day, set an appointment with them, and be out of the office for the entire fucking day. So help you god if you came back too early, or had to reschedule a job. This led to most of us just scheduling bogus appointments, or just staying out after a job was done. Eventually something would happen and she would canada goose black friday sale need a tech right then and there, but we would all be out. This lead to buy canada goose jacket cheap the rule swap, if you absolutly did not have to go out on a ticket in person you were required to remote in and fix the issue. So we would sit around the office all day, chatting and BSing as we remoted into the systems. Well this chatter would bother our paranoid leader, and she would accuse us of not working hard enough. After a week or two of this she would get pissed off and kick us out off the office again.

Canada Goose sale After about 6 months of this our morale was dragging along bedrock, trying to find a way to go lower. My sup at the time, decided to have a weekly stripes off meeting just to uk canada goose outlet let us vent our frustrations. In these meetings it was understood that we would say whatever needed saying, in whatever way we needed to say it, and it Canada Goose online would not be held against us. Unfortunately our NCOIC caught wind of it, and thought it would be a fantastic idea to see why morale was so low. We canada goose factory sale started going around the table. All the young airmen were intimidated by the NCOIC and pussyfooted around the issues. Then it was my turn. I spoke my fucking canada goose uk shop mind, unabashedly. I told her how she was signle handling digging the hole our morale was in with her inconsistancy, and micromanaging. I told her we were all experienced techs, and that she should let us do our damn jobs without questioning us at every step, especially since she didn even know how to do the job herself. In hind sight I should have curtailed my stream of bile a bit, and made it less personal than I did, but fuck it, I was told it was retaliation free. Another SrA at the time also put in his spicy two cents. The NCOIC, to her credit, kept her composer the whole time but the next day we were served LORs for unprofessional behavior. Luckily my sup at the time dragged us up the the Shirts office and went to bat for us. Long story short, paperwork was dropped, I and the other SrA were moved to a different office, and the NCOIC was “promoted” out of the position shortly after.

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