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Candidates who took the all India medical entrance exam NEET in Tamil will receive extra marks as the question paper contained errors. The Madras High Court today asked the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Exams) to award 196 marks out of a total of 720 to all candidates who took the NEET paper in Tamil. The board will issue a revised ranking list in two weeks and counselling for medical course will be suspended till then..

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canada goose black friday sale France’s2 0 win over Nigeria means Deschamps is now unbeaten in 10 World Cup games as a player and manager. That ‘perfect 10’ record just about sums upthis remarkable figure.Not every decision Deschamps made before or canada goose outlet vancouver during the Nigeria gamepaid off. But he stayed cool, corrected things as he went along and as nearly always happens ended upthe smiling winner.Deschamps is the man with the Midas touch. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose deals Millions of Brits turning their noses up at free 100 and many could get far moreFor some reason most of us would rather put up with rubbish service than take advantage of a free 100 and a chance for change12:44, 11 JUL 2018The money is there, but people are canada goose outlet woodbury ignoring it (Image: Getty) Most of us can’t be bothered to switch bank accounts, despite the cash incentives on offer, and the fact that there’s a switching service which does everything for us in just seven days.Cash payments of or more are not enough to make us budge. And we even put up with poor service rather than go through the hassle of trying to find a better option.But what if your bank had a canada goose outlet us TSB style IT meltdown and you lost all confidence in it? Which would you switch to and how would you go about it?Read MoreTSB meltdownSwitching guaranteed to work One of the biggest problems is that even with the faster switching rules and the official Current Account Switching Service (CASS) guarantee in place that it will all be sorted within canada goose outlet montreal seven days, people remain confused.There is such a complex array of accounts, fees and charges canada goose outlet location to consider that most of us just don’t even attempt it out of fear they may end up with a product that isn’t any better than the one they already have.Although each bank and canada goose outlet toronto address building society has its own tariff and rate details listed on its website and marketing literature, working out which account is best is far from straightforward.The dilemma is that no two accounts are the same and it’s impossible to compare the different rates and charging structures.The only way you can switch to a better option is to choose an account that mirrors the way you manage your money. There is not one account that works out as the best for everybody it’s more about weighing up the individual elements that are most important to you.For some people a low cost overdraft will be the priority, while for others interest payable on credit balances, or a debit card offering low cost transactions abroad could be key.Maybe it’s a branch close to where you live or work that’s a big factor, or perhaps you’re happy to bank with one of the new “online only” providers.Here are our hints and canada goose kensington parka uk tips to help you pick the most suitable current account.Read MoreGet a better bank accountBest account if you use an overdraft There’s nothing wrong with using an agreed overdraft to help you manage your monthly budget, but the cost of borrowing varies widely from bank to bank, so check the charges.Unfortunately, it’s not that easy as the banks use different charging tariffs some charge interest canada goose outlet seattle at a set rate, others have a daily fee, while some charge a combination of a monthly fee and interest so it’s canada goose outlet phone number no wonder people get confused.The most competitive accounts for overdrafts are First Direct, M Bank, Post Office, Metro Bank and Starling Bank.To put it in to perspective, if you had an agreed overdraft balance of for four days, the five banks above would charge you less than However, bank with canada goose outlet london uk Santander and you’d pay and with TSB, NatWest and RBS, your bill would be over for the same overdraft.. canada goose outlet eu canada goose deals

Canada Goose online 5. It Is about hard work: The greatest predictor of success is how many hours are devoted to any goal. The more someone practices a skill, the better they become at what they are trying to accomplish. As theme parks go, Ferrari Land which opened as part of PortAventura in 2017 is quite parent friendly. PortAventura’s theme canada goose outlet uk sale and water parks are divided into different zones cast as geographical regions, and Ferrari Land is pretty much given over to all canada goose outlet florida things car related, so the varying landscapes makes for a more diverse waiting experience (and believe me, you will do a lot of waiting). Either have a drink or simply find a bench in the shade to hang out Canada Goose online.

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