It’s a tough job, but I am sure he will have the support of

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Be careful what you wish for. The fun is over. You might say the easy part is over. Mike Duggan ran a campaign against heavy odds and won an overwhelming victory last week when he was elected mayor of Detroit. Now he’s got the job, and all eyes will be watching what he does once he officially becomes mayor. As a former board member of the Detroit Medical Center , I had the benefit of watching Duggan after he was hired to lead the hospital system. He inherited an organization that was bleeding red ink by the barrel. He got to work; he even mastered the dictionary of medical terms that are unique to the medical business. Make no mistake, once Mike Duggan is elected , we’ll see him hit the ground running. It’s a tough job, but I am sure he will have the support of businesses all over Southeast Michigan. Everyone wants him to be a great success. I think he’ll discover that the only problem is going to be where to start and how to spend his time. There are so many things to do and so many problems that he certainly will have his hands full for quite a while. Certainly figuring out the mood and cooperation of the Detroit City Council is going to be critical. He’ll need five votes, and he should hope for eight. Duggan’s going to have a real challenge getting along with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr. They both have important agendas, and those agendas may not be the same most of the time. But they have to work together for short- and long-term goals of the city. Planning for the long-term prosperity of Detroit is critical to getting the city on the right track. Just like the DMC, you can’t cut your way to prosperity. If Detroit is to become a healthy city, Duggan is going to have to find a way to increase revenue without raising taxes — which would just chase even more companies and people out of the city. He will have to find a way to increase population as well as attract businesses and investment in the city. Duggan has got his hands full, but I have confidence that he’ll get the job done. The business community has to give him its complete support.

KEITH CRAIN: Congratulations to Mayor-elect Mike Duggan

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