I did about four before getting tired

Knits and fixes

canada goose clearance sale At the last craft camp I made a McCalls 6559 maxi dress. The not maxi version, because that was the length I had fabric for. It came out a bit big the pattern has SO much ease. At camp I had run the sides in, but the neckline and armscyes were too low by a good two inches, so I didn even bother finishing the edges. I figured it was a good muslin and maybe I wear canada goose outlet new york it as a heatwave housedress. canada goose clearance sale

Then a couple months after canada goose factory outlet vancouver camp I was thinking about it and it www.canadagoose-outlet.co.uk occured to me neck too low armscye too low maybe the SHOULDERS were too long? Like, duh. I took it up two inches and it was perfect. I finished the neck and arms with binding from an almost but not quite the same piece of fabric. The fabric of the dress canada goose outlet store quebec is really light, so instead of hemming it I attached a wider band of the same fabric I bound the neck in. canada goose outlet in vancouver That was a slight miscalculation, as it doesn sit right, but given that this fabric is thinnnnnn I don wear it out of the house except in heatwaves.

canada goose store The thing about heatwaves, though, I don know if you noticed, is that we had quite a lot of them lately. I wore canada goose outlet uk fake this dress almost every canada goose outlet washington dc day I wasn working for canada goose outlet sale a good two months. All that wear means it stretched out a bit again, thin fabric, but that really just made it even better for those days where you think, if you let fabric touch your skin, you might actually melt. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket I would definitely make this dress again, it was so easy basically cut it out, sew the side seams and shoulders, finish the edges, done. And I love wearing it. Next time I would cut the neckline about an inch higher, though. Although I see in the photo that it pulling a bit under the shoulder, so maybe I only raise canada goose outlet 80 off it 1.5 and cut the neckline 1.3 higher. Side seam wise I would probably cut it to the first adjusted size, because it super easy to accommodate any stretching later by whipping in the side seams, and I don know that I want a skin tight maxidress. I suspect maxidress season is over, although if I can work out sleeves for this I might make a winter weight one I had a bought one that I LOVED that I friend called my dress but I wore it in winter and stood in front of a heater and, it being polyester, it melted. I still have it and I probably just hem it shorter and wear canada goose coats uk it, but I kept it to copy. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose online Next up are some pencil skirts I made at last year March Craft Camp. They are both Kasia, which I have made before. I added lined kick pleats to them, but they stuck out. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale Added to that, I sewed these both up on the overlocker, and didn use the whole seam allowance. So I had planned, at March Craft Camp, to undo them and bring them in, and add a lining, and fix the pleat. Janet even very kindly picked canada goose outlet us me up canada goose outlet in new york some stretch lining for them. But then that was the Craft Camp of the Great Pestilence, and I was too ill to concentrate on anything much, so they didn get fixed. They sat in the sewing room waiting for attention, and goose outlet canada never got them. canada goose black friday sale

So the other day I pulled them canada goose outlet seattle out again and tried them on. They did not seem too big? Although I have actually lost some volume around my belly since I stopped eating gluten and am not bloated all the time, so who even knows what that about. I did nip in the black skirt waist by a centimetre or so. So I fixed the kickpleats and have been wearing them.

Canada Goose Jackets I fixed the pleats by topstitching the outside edge, pressing a lot, and sewing the pleat to the skirt at the top. In the case of the black skirt, the pleat was probably too big, so I brought the edges in as well. I just serged them off. It still sits a bit funny but is much improved. I tried canada goose vest outlet to get some photos but they just look like fabric. Nothing to see, really, but this paragraph can serve my own future reference. They do look much better. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats I was going to crop this but I quite fond of pics whee you can see the random crap in people lives. This is my laundry. It is actually relatively tidy in this picture. It just that there is no storage to speak of in my house, it makes me crazy. canada goose coats

canada goose Anyway, excuse the crappy photo please, but you can see that it is much better. You can ALSO see the same waist/hemline problem I described last time. The waistline is about even (my shirt is covering it a bit at the front) but you can see the bottom of the yoke angles down, as does the hemline. The way I am standing in the photo above is my normal posture, it not particularly bad (for me) or anything. All my family have canada goose outlet eu slight scoliosis and I have rounded shoulders and I just stick my butt out. That the way canada goose outlet houston it is, no point making clothes pretending I going to ever stand up straight. I also think that yokes may be my answer to my circle skirt conundrums, maybe? I have worn those skirts again this week in the name of figuring out my options, and they are just not COMFORTABLE. Which is a shame. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet Anyhoodle, I also pulled out the zip in the black skirt canada goose jacket outlet toronto and put in an invisible one, because you could see the tape in the old one, and I would have done the same for the red one but I didn have a red invisible zip. I have since bought one. I might swap them one day. I wore the red skirt today and it did actually bag out a bit so that it was a bit loose by the end of the day. I might whip in the side canada goose outlet in uk seams, although the extra room is really at the centre front yoke seams, but I am not changing them because it faced and everything overlocked and I canada goose outlet uk sale can be bothered. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose sale These would certainly benefit from a lining, they stick to everything and since I always wear shorts of leggings there is always something to stick to. But I am thinking of making bikeshorts out of the satin lining that Janet bought for me, instead. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance The first knit is also a fix and it isn even finished yet. It my Essential Cardigan, which I had finished up to the bands at September Craft Camp. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket I actually finished the band in September, and started sewing it up. But because I had put so much work into the fitting process, I wanted to sew it properly. This is why I never do anything properly, guys, it is not finished yet. I sewed petersham ribbon onto the button bands because they pulled a bit, but then I had to hand sew the buttonholes by hand. My sewing machine can barely manage one ok looking buttonhole on Cheap Canada Goose UK regular fabric, let alone several on ahand knit. I did about four before getting tired. Also it was hot and that wasn motivating me. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals Also, once the bands were done and I tried it on, I was a bit underwhelmed. It fits me well, but I am just not sure I did the shaping in the right place. I don know. I think it probably fine, except that I was expecting it to shoot glowing rainbows of unicorns, and obviously it didn It only managed one shitty pegasus, you guys. So disappointing. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap No, but really, the sleeves were also about an inch too long. I made the sleeves up myself because I wanted full length, and I guess I overcompensated. That ok, they have cuffs so it easy enough to chop them off and regraft, and I also made them a bit thin so they could actually use being taken up like that. I might try to remember to bring this to craft camp and do that then. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap Canada Goose I also cast on for Neon, in the flush of an almost canada goose outlet online uk finished essential. Then when the Essential bogged down, so did Neon. It still looks pretty much like this: cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka and I am concerned that the red is too light for me and might make me look washed out. I picked it canada goose outlet in usa up again this week and once I have sleeve holes I try it on and see. The yarn is Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury. I think I might need to go through my stash because there is a bunch of but nothing special yarn and to be honest, I don want to knit it. I only want to knit special yarn. Really, I knit so slowly these days that I could put a whole year yarn budget towards one jumper. (Not that I have an actual dedicated yarn budget, but you know). But if the fine but nothing special yarn is in my stash, I feel like I have to knit it. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale Well, that 1600 words about not very much, so that probably enough from me. The next two days are going to be crazy busy so I should really go PACK FOR CRAFT CAMP. Which is actually quite annoying at the moment because I am catsitting my cousin cat for a month. He in the spare/craft room, because he and my cat are both pretty territorial. So if I want to go into the craft room I have to either squeeze in without letting him out and my cat in, or else lock my cat in the bedroom. So I can pack both clothes and craft stuff at the same time. It very leave the fox with the chicken and frankly, I not enough of a lateral thinker for that kind of business canada goose coats on sale.

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