Sony doesn like that, apparently

We need to be making a huge deal about the PS4 Lock out

That only partly true, like in Rocket League you can play cheap jordan sneakers with Xbox players but only by randomly connecting and you can chat except for pre selected sentences in quickchat. You also won see their names or at least heavily filtered. It a control issue.Sony often comes with the weak excuse of having to protect what are often children from anything outside of the PSN network. As if there aren any harassing assholes on PSN, but of course on their network they can ban assholes and claim they have control over things but with outside networks they have zero control over anything. Sony doesn like that, apparently.The answer to this should be; Sony needs to implement a parental control option to allow/deny cross platform for child accounts. They have to stop cheap jordans for sale being arrogant and give people the choice and parental controls.I mean it too little too late for me as I already switched back to PC, but still this is ridiculous. You have to think bigger bud. Of course Sony is blocking cross platform play. We know this. That isn Epics decision. The issue is that Epic let us link our PS4 accounts without EVER ONCE warning us that we would be perma locked console wise on that platform. I would have never linked cheap air force my account knowing this because I would rather play on switch since I mostly play on PC. Your Epic account is supposed to Cheap jordans cheap jordans online be the database that holds all the entitlements you unlocked. What say should Sony have in that if you are authenticating with an Epic games ID?It seems like Epic is blanket disabling all access to put the pressure on Sony about everything knowing that everyone who has both platforms is going to complain.I really wonder if any of the people here remember the deal with them not only suing, but filing legal charges against people who jail broke consoles. They even went after people on Youtube who simply talked about it. People went to jail for modifying a device cheap nike shoes they purchased and owned.Or that thing where if you had an original PS3 with the memory card reader they just nuked that feature in a software update cheap jordans in china because they didn want people who bought the later gens without it to feel sad. Nothing like disabling hardware features I paid for via softwareI simply don get how anyone can honestly think they are a decent company.I don think anyone cares that you can log into both at the same time.I don think anyone expects you to take your PS4 exclusive skins onto the cheap jordans china Switch.But if you paid for skins, and your skins are locked to one console, and it was not made explicitly clear that cheap jordans on sale this is what would happen, then that is theft. End of story.I have only ever really played on PC and on the odd occasion mobile but then one week I was sleeping at my grandma house cheap adidas and she had cheap air jordan a PS4 (literraly unused), with my fortnite habbits and “obssesion” I made an account, downloaded fortnite and linked my cheap jordans free shipping epic account, to do my challenges. I played for 2 days and never touched a PS4 again and now you want to tell me I can play on my switch. I was given absolutely no warning that if I were to link my account that it would be locked cheap Air max shoes on other platforms or that my account would be held hostage by a company that I am not associated with. A lot of people are blamng Sony but I blame Epic as much, they are sitting cheap jordans sale there and licking Sony ass. I linked my PSN to Epic just as I linked everything else to epic it almost begs you to do so when you go to the connections page.That being said, I probably only played on my PS4 for a total of a few hours to play with friends before crossplay was enabled. I always play on PC and not only that, every single V Buck purchase I made has been through my PC. From cheap jordans online where I stand, it pointless to play on my ps4 when I have much more capable PC sitting next to it.I have a Switch and I was very excited for this release because I could finally play at a friends house, or on the go, without needing to move console/pc anywhere. This also meant I could progress through my battle pass/ level up when I not near my PC an excellent perk. cheap yeezys I even more irritated because, as mentioned, I never made a cheap jordans from china single purchase for Fortnite through PSN. I downloaded the free skin and if they want that back, they can have it back. I don care.

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