The other officer was shot in the arm and leg

police discover syringes in feeding bag of boy

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replica Stella McCartney Ultimately, it got so gruesome that doctors had to inject her with steroids. The suspected culprit: A toxic reaction to essential oils.. The other officer was shot in the arm and leg. O said the male officer, 35, and female officer, 32, were in stable condition with non life threatening injuries.. Melba Saunders, a spokeswoman for Mosby, said the office could not provide additional details because it is an open matter being investigated by the police department. Smith, a police spokesman, said in a statement that the police department “has invited a heightened level of scrutiny since we have adopted one of the largest [body worn camera] programs in the nation,” and that “transparency efforts are ongoing as we strive to train our police officers with this new technology.” replica Stella McCartney.

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