not big on crinkle cut fries

Coon Rapids

Canada Goose Parka In 2012, the Iowa Beef Industry Council awarded a bowling alley of all places the third annual “Best Burger in Iowa” award. bowling alley is in the small West Central Iowa town of. don get out that way all that much anymore, but on a recent visit to Northwest Iowa, I took the backroads down to see an old dealer in Carroll, IA just to say, “Hey!” the ulterior motive was to go to the canada goose outlet in vancouver Coon Bowl III in to try one of their burgers. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet phone number The Coon canada goose outlet paypal Bowl III has been around for about 70 years. the last 20 years, the bowling alley has been owned by locals Dave Halbur, Aaron Kenyon, Mike Deeth and nearby Bayard native Darwin Halterman. are the third owners of the bowling alley, hence the “III” in the name of the place. building used to be a farm implement dealership until the 1940 when the building was purchased and an 8 lane bowling alley was put in. owners entrust Cindy Heydon and Dan George to run the day to day operations of the bowling alley and grill. been wanting to get out to Templeton canada goose factory outlet vancouver to visit the Templeton canada goose outlet buffalo Rye distillery for quite sometime. as I came toward a curve that would canada goose outlet sale take me into the center of the small town, I saw a rather interesting sight a small mountain of oak aging barrels. I found Templeton Rye. and I was certain that the place wasn open. do tours twice a day through canada goose outlet montreal the week and once on Saturday due to the growing popularity of Templeton Rye, most of the distilling of product is done in Lawrenceburg, IN, then shipped via tanker canada goose womens outlet truck back to Templeton for bottling. not certain if they still do the 250 gallon small batch distilling canada goose jacket outlet sale in Templeton. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose store Coming into, I wasn certain where the Coon Bowl III was located. my GPS has a canada goose outlet location feature that lists recreation places in given areas. enough, the Coon Bowl III was on there. the GPS took me right to the corner S. 5th St. and Walnut. quick left and you in the bowling alley. had a small bar and about canada goose outlet toronto address 8 tables in front of the lanes. of the tables canada goose outlet new york close to the lanes were reserved for bowlers only. my friends, is truly small town Americana. told her that I wanted one of their award winning cheeseburgers. asked, “Do you want any fries with that?” when I was walking from my car to the front door the smell of the French fries was almost intoxicating. I subscribe to the Tony Kornheiser held notion that the best fries in the world are the ones sold at bowling alleys. course, I had to get the fries. do burgers canada goose outlet jackets five different ways regular, cheese, veggie (with lettuce and tomato), a pizza burger and a bacon cheeseburger. cheeseburger is what won the “Best Burger in Iowa” contest in 2012.) also have pork tenderloins, chicken breast sandwiches, and a fried fish sandwich. read somewhere that cook Dan George also makes a mean meat loaf sandwich. also the usual bowling alley style appetizers like deep fried mushrooms, nachos and and cheese stix. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Behind the counter was Dan George cooking up the burgers. knows his way around a kitchen. His grandmother was a legendary cook who would make large dinners for workers on the family farm when George was a child. mother canada goose uk site learned to cook from her mother (Dan grandmother) and she opened and ran Arlene a small restaurant in. worked for his mother and when she closed canada goose outlet boston up nearly 20 years ago after an 11 year run, George moved over to Coon Bowl III and has been flipping burgers every since. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose online The burgers are an 80/20 mix of beef to fat and come from a locker/butcher in nearby Arcadia, IA. hand pattied and cooked on a well worn and well seasoned flat canada goose jacket outlet uk top grill. burgers are thick and they take about 12 to 15 minutes to cook. George doesn season the burgers unless customers ask for it. You don know how tempted I was to go behind the counter and turn canada goose outlet black friday sale the burger because I could tell it was getting overcooked on the one side. Canada Goose Outlet finally came back out, flipped the burger and let it cook another 7 or 8 minutes. look at the burger at canada goose outlet uk first, it didn look like an award winning burger. bun was just a normal bun that had been lightly toasted on the flat top grill. single piece of cheese adorned the top of the good sized burger. had asked for dill pickles and sliced onions and they were resting underneath the burger patty. at it from the side, canada goose outlet eu however, it looked promising. was overcooked. wasn juicy (as promised, according to news articles I read on the burger) and had sort of a charred or burned taste to the outside. was disappointed. the burger did have good flavor, but it just wasn moist enough for me. as I kept taking bites, it seemed to settle down a bit and the flavor with a little bit of juiciness began to shine through. the time I finished the burger, I decided that it was a pretty good burger. not big on crinkle cut fries, but these held up well compared to other bowling canada goose outlet price alley fries I had. weren the best bowling alley French fries, but they went well with the burger. George simply overcooked the burger. don know if that the norm for his burgers or what, but it needed to come off about two or three minutes earlier. of the juiciness had been cooked out of the burger, but it wasn so overcooked that the complete life was gone from it. don know if I make it back to canada goose outlet near me at some point, but I would go back and give them another try. only thing I ask is that they cook the burger consistently Canada Goose online.

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