Node.js Dev Modules Nice to Have

Here is a list of modules found particular useful for developing in Node.js. Those are installed globally as following:

sudo npm install nameOfModule -g

List of useful Node.js modules nice to have:

  • ‘node-dev’ —-is module that reruns your script any time change is made
  • ‘optimist’ —reads command arguments and runs in script
  • ‘readline’ —gives a way to read user inputs interactive way
  • ‘jquery’ –module let you run query from command line and parse the content
  • ‘jshint’ –run any JS file to see if there is any errors ‘jshint file.js’
  • ‘forever’ –makes it possible for Node.js run in background and it restarts automatically if error happened
  • ‘mocha’ –test framework of our choice
  • nodemon‘ –file monitor for node.js applications by Remy Sharp. It wraps your node.js application and then sits monitoring a folder, where you source files are located. As soon as it detects a change, it re-launches your application.

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