Bedroom decorated by Liberty Fabrics at Dukes Dubai hotelBrunch

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Canada Goose online The three restaurant offerings are GBR (Great British Restaurant), New York style steak house West 14th, and Indian restaurant Khyber (we Brits do love our curry after all), which we were treated to a sneak preview of as it wasn’t yet open to the public on our visit. All operate under the watchful eye of executive chef Martin Cahill, who grew up in Bolton so we can claim him as a Mancunuian and has handpicked his team from all over the world.Khyber is a sister establishment to the famous Mumbai restaurant of the same name, so is as authentic as it gets, and is on the 15th floor with breathtaking views of the city.Among the dishes we sampled were Tandoori Murgh, Murgh Kagani, Nalli Nihari and Maa ki Dal, and all were completely delicious.Those authentic fish and chips came from GBR, as did one of the most varied and exciting breakfast buffets I have ever seen.We also sampled an excellent afternoon tea in the aforementioned lounge, and a famous Dubai brunch at West 14th.Bedroom decorated by Liberty Fabrics at Dukes Dubai hotelBrunch in Dubai is a huge thing it takes place on a Friday, the main weekend day and people pay a set price to eat and drink for hours. And I can see why; the desert buffet alone would have kept me going for days, never mind hours.Plus it’s very (and I mean very) expensive to drink in Dubai, so an all you can drink deal is something to be taken advantage of; though as it’s 40Cin spring, taking it easy is advisable!One of the things Dukes London is famous for is its bar and more specifically its martinis, which are said to have inspired Ian Fleming to write James Bond’s famous ‘shaken not stirred’ line, and have also made the trip to the UAE.The Vesper martini, which I can’t fully recall the ingredients off even though it was made in front us and explained in detail (possibly as a result of drinking it), is almost worth the trip alone Canada Goose online.

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