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Most notable was the inertial guidance system and mix computer.[21]The initial goals of Project Hermes included Hermes B, a ramjet powered cruise missile. Hermes B was soon split into a Hermes B 1 test vehicle and a Hermes B 2 operational missile. Hermes B 1 soon evolved into Hermes II.[22] In June 1946 General Electric’s contract was amended to include a two stage missile which used a V 2 as its first stage, with a ramjet powered supersonic cruise missile as the second stage.[17] The ramjet was assigned to the Von Braun team of which less than 40 were employed in the V 2 launching program.[15] Design on the ramjet began on 10 December 1945.

I remember being really scared of the old people, but warmed up to them and felt good giving them hugs they probably didn get anywhere else. I do believe human touch can remedy all kind of maladies. However, there was a older neighbor of ours that ended up molesting me while sitting on his lap.

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