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The traditional Brownie Motto was ‘Lend a Hand’ and it was felt that every Brownie, whilst wearing uniform, should be equipped and ready to do just that, hence it was custom that each Brownie would be asked to keep certain things in her uniform pockets which could be useful for doing Good Turns. The lists varied a little from Pack to Pack, so it is impossible to produce a definitive list, but the most common items were

Pencil and Paper always useful for writing down messages and important notes

cheap Canada Goose A Coin For The Phone in the days before mobile phones, callboxes needed coins for anything other than 999 calls, or you might find a house which was ‘on the phone’ when this was uncommon, and be able to pay canada goose shop uk back the cost of the call you made. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale A Plastic Bag for carrying things, keeping things dry, tearing into emergency string, etc. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet Record Card/Pocket Book Brownies had cards, or later small booklets, which were filled in to record their challenge progress. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket What would be the equivalent things for the modern Brownie to carry in her pockets, and what (realistic!) uses could they be put to? buy canada goose jacket

Drawn from native American lore by Robert Baden Powell, the pow wow is where the Brownies meet to discuss issues, create plans and make decisions. Many packs would have a traditional ceremony in order to get into the tightly packed circle, leaving no spaces for ‘boggarts’ to overhear what is said sometimes they would link hands and make as big a circle as possible, then take 6 steps forward, chanting the letters p, o, w, w, o, w until they were in canada goose outlet england a tight circle. There is also often a traditional signal for the girls to show that they want to comment in some units they would put their hand, with three fingers outstretched, on the floor in front of where they were sitting. Some units have a ‘talking stick’ where only the person who is holding the stick can talk, and others have to wait their turn.

Back when Brownies started, foreign travel was really exotic, and only for the extremely rich few most of the Brownies could never have dreamed of actually travelling abroad, indeed many might never leave their home County during their lifetime. So each Pack would have a special ‘magic carpet’ a piece of fabric, often the place where the owl and toadstool sat in their Brownie Ring, and the fabric would be decorated, with the badges of the canada goose outlet in vancouver different Sixes, and perhaps with other badges and special awards and mementoes too. Their weekly subs payment would be put on the carpet as part of their opening ceremony, and just occasionally, they would gather round their Magic Carpet and ‘travel’ to another Country by imagination, find out about the Brownies there what they were called and what they wore and try some food or songs or games from that country, before it was time to ‘fly home’ again.

Canada Goose Jackets Prior to 1968, Brownies worked on the Golden Bar and Golden Hand (during the 1950s an intermediate test, Golden Ladder, was introduced as a sort of halfway house to help bridge the gap in difficulty between the two, the ladder being formed by a second Golden Bar badge stitched above the original). The special thing about the Golden Hand badge was that though the skills could all be canada goose outlet online uk practiced constantly in the run up until the Brownie was confident at them, and the handcraft items would all be prepared ready, but the whole badge was tested on one day, and the Brownie could only get her Golden Hand badge if she passed all the clauses on the same day, in front of the independent tester. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose The majority managed it, and any Brownie who had earned her ‘Golden Hand’ badge during her time in the pack received a special badge when the time came to move up to Guides, called ‘Brownie Wings’. It was the only Brownie Badge which could be worn on Guide uniform. Those who did not gain Golden Hand were still allowed to move on up to Guides with the others, but they did not get the ‘Brownie Wings’ badge, and so they did not get to fly up, they walked up. canada goose

canada goose coats When the time came for the Brownie to move up to Guides, units were encouraged to develop their own special joint ceremonies. Brownies who were flying up might jump over the toadstool, or be helped by their leaders to take a flying leap from the Brownie Ring up to the the Guide horseshoe. Any who were ‘walking up’ might use stilts, or follow a path of stepping stones… canada goose coats

canada goose deals The Grand Howl was the traditional greeting to special visitors, and also as a way of marking special occasions. The pack formed up in a circle, and crouched down, touching the floor with the index finger of each hand, just in front of the feet. The first time, the Brownies rise a little before sinking down, whilst calling out ‘tuwit, tuwoo’. This is then repeated, rising higher. The third time, they rise up, jump up and clap their hands above their head whilst shouting ‘tuwit, tuwoo’, the traditional call of a pair of Tawny (or Brown) owls. canada goose deals

canada goose store canada goose jacket outlet sale By ‘hoisted flags’ I mean the sort which are raised up onto flagpoles using ropes. Traditionally at camps the Guide World canada goose outlet uk Flag, or a National Flag (or perhaps both) would be raised in the morning with due ceremony, and lowered at dusk (and at any time when everyone was going off site) for safe keeping whilst not ‘guarded’, and a short ceremony is used similar to the canada goose outlet us military tradition. Some units also opt to raise and lower flags as part of their unit meetings, to canada goose outlet official signal that they have formally occupied the building. It is a two stage process. canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale Before the ceremony starts, you would fold up the flags, attach them to the flagpole ropes and raise the folded flag up to the top of the flagpole ready for unfurling. To do this, either hold the flag in the hands or lay it on a table never on the ground! The flag usually has a wooden toggle at the top left corner fold the bottom of the flag up towards the toggle, then repeat, to create a long narrow strip. Then roll this strip towards the toggle, wrap the rope on the flag tightly round the rolled bundle, and tuck a loop of canada goose outlet website legit the rope underneath the length you have just wound so the flag doesn’t unroll, and the loop at the end of the rope will be accessible. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online Now it is time to attach the rolled flag to the flagpole. At the flagpole there should be two ends of rope wrapped around the cleat at the bottom of the flagpole. Carefully unwind them until they are free (if it is a windy day, hang onto the ends or get your escorts to do it so they don’t blow out of reach while you are working!). Tie one end around the rope just below the wooden toggle, using a ‘clove hitch’ knot. Tie the other end of the rope onto the loop of the flag’s rope using a ‘sheet bend’. The canada goose outlet store uk flag and ropes should now form one loop. Raise the flag, with the toggle upwards, until it arrives at the top of the flagpole, then gently grasp the two ends of the flagpole rope together and, without tugging, wrap these together round the cleat. The flag is now set up ready, and can sit in this position until the ceremony starts. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap For a formal ceremony the Guides would gather or be marched into a horseshoe around the flagpole, the colour party would be in the middle of the closed end and directly opposite the flagpole, and would consist of 3 Guides (per flag if there is more than one flagpole) a leader and 2 escorts. The Guiders would stand at the side of the horseshoe canada goose outlet sale rather than at the open end as that would be occupied by the flagpole. The Guider in Charge would give the command ‘Colour Party, Proceed’. Then the Colour Party Leader would give the command canada goose outlet locations in toronto ‘Colour Party, Forward March’ and the three would walk forward in step towards the flagpole. When a couple of paces from it the Colour Party Leader would give the command ‘Colour Party, Halt’ and the three would stop. The two escorts would then stand still where they were, and the Colour Party Leader would step forward to the flagpole. She would grasp the ropes, pull one, and the flag should unfurl. She can then wrap the slack part of the rope round the cleat to stop it flapping. Once all is set, she takes two paces backwards to stand between the two escorts. She then gives the command ‘Colour Party Salute the Colour’ and all three give Guide Salutes, then the Guider gives canada goose outlet the command ‘Company, Salute the Colour’ and the unit follows suit. Then the Colour Party Leader gives the commands ‘Colour Party, About Turn’ and all should turn to the right until facing back towards their places canada goose womens outlet in the horseshoe, then ‘Colour Party, Forward March’, and when they arrive at their places ‘Colour Party, Halt’, and ‘Colour Party, About Turn’. If you have more than one flag to unfurl, they would be done simultaneously, one Colour Party Leader would give the commands for all (usually the one with the National flag of the host country, as they take precedence over flags of visiting Countries or Unit flags), and it is important canada goose stockists uk that at each stage, the Colour Party Leader waits for everyone to be ready before giving the next command. If there were a large number of flags to be unfurled at a cluster or tightly packed row of flagpoles, you may opt to dispense with escorts to avoid the area becoming overcrowded. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The process for lowering flags is similar the Colour Party appproaches the flagpole in the same way and the Colour Party Leader steps forward. This time, she unwinds the ropes from the cleat, and then slowly starts to lower the flag down. As soon as the corner of the flag is in reach, she drapes the flag over her shoulder to ensure canada goose uk site it won’t touch the ground. When the knots which attach the flag to the ropes are in reach, she undoes the knots, and once the flagpole’s rope ends are free, wraps them around the cleat together. (If it is windy and there is a risk of the rope ends blowing about, the escorts can take closer order and keep hold of the first end to be untied while the leader concentrates on untying the other). The colour party then march back as before, the Leader still having the flag draped over her shoulder, she can use a hand to canada goose outlet ottawa hold it there if need be. After the horseshoe is dismissed, the flag would be laid out on a table or other suitable surface to dry if damp, then folded and rolled up as above for storage and ready for hoisting next day.

Canada Goose sale At camp, especially, some people opt to use the gathering in horseshoe to give out any important notices, or to have a Guides’ Own if the latter option is being considered, do remember that it must be of a form suitable for all participants, and unless you are 100% certain of the religious beliefs and affiliations of all present, it must be religion neutral and canada goose outlet mississauga multi canada goose jacket outlet store faith if in doubt it is better to dismiss everyone after the flag ceremony, with the invitation to those who wish, to gather in a horseshoe for Guides’ Own in a couple of minutes. Thought should also be given to how long the Guides are being asked to stand still if there is a full flag ceremony, and notices, followed by a Guides’ Own if it lasts for more than a few minutes then fidgets are inevitable in even the best behaved of units, and as the founder himself said “boredom is not reverence”. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Where gathering everyone together for a full ceremony in horseshoe is not practical due to the camp schedule, (as can often be the case in the evening where dusk can clash with the end of the evening meal or start of the evening activity) it is custom that a colour party drawn from the duty Patrol will form up, then a leader will use her whistle to blow once (the ‘freeze’ signal) and everyone will stand still and in silence where they are, while the flag is raised or lowered. As soon as the short ceremony is completed, the leader will again blow her whistle once, which is the signal for everyone to resume whatever they were doing. This would commonly be used at larger international camps where gathering everyone into a horseshoe twice daily is impractical, so it is wise to ensure that the Guides are aware of this, know what the signal means and what to do, and that they respect the whistle signal. canada goose black friday sale

There can be a tendency for some Guides to find formal flag ceremonial dull, especially if it is done at meetings every week if the Guides are not of an age and maturity to treat it with appropriate respect, then it is better to give doing it a break for a while, rather than let it become either a boring chore, or an opportunity for messing about and re introduce it later. when the Guides are more ready for it or to save it for camp, just doing at meetings for a few weeks in the run up to camp so the Guides know what to do before they go to camp.

An improvised camp flagpole would generally consist of a long wooden pole, with a curtain ring canada goose outlet phone number tied on at the top, a small piece of wood square lashed across halfway down, and 3 or more guy ropes attached on just under that. The guys could thus be pegged out to support the pole, leaving room at the front where the cross piece is lashed for the person unfurling the flag to approach. To set it up, run a length of string or rope (which would depend on the proportions of the flagpole) through the curtain ring and wind the two ends round the cross piece, to keep them secure. It does not matter what size the flag or flagpole is, but what is important is that the flag and flagpole sizes should canada goose outlet eu be in reasonable proportion to each other you neither want a giant flag at constant risk of dragging on the ground, nor a barely visible handkerchief at the top of a vast pole!

canada goose clearance A buddy burner is a simple form of homemade portable cooking stove. To make it you require a tin can, a length of corrugated cardboard, a quantity of candle wax, and a length of wick (bought or homemade). In use it can be useful to have 3 or 4 nails also. canada goose clearance

To make it, cut a length of corrugated cardboard about the same height as the tin, and which will just fit into it when coiled. Placing the wick at the centre, roll the cardboard up round the wick and insert into the tin. Melt the wax in a double saucepan, and pour onto the cardboard until the tin is filled, so it forms a kind of giant candle. To use, it is easiest if you insert some long nails around the edge so you can sit a saucepan above the flame for optimum use of the heat.

Tradition is for Guides to march into a horseshoe at the start and end of their meetings. There are several reasons. One is that in a horseshoe formation, in even the largest unit, everyone can see and hear what anyone in the group is saying (no being unable to see or hear because you’re stuck behind a tall person!). Also, it signifies that everyone has a place, both in their Patrol and in the Unit. And, particularly at the start of the meeting, actually just stopping the chatter and games, and getting into formation signals that the meeting proper has started. Finally, marching into a horseshoe is better than walking into a shape, because the movement of the marching is enough to shift initial fidgets!

canadian goose jacket There are many ways to get into horseshoe, after seeing many ways, the one we find works best for us is the one I learnt as a Guide: canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka The Guiders stand at the top of the canada goose kensington parka uk hall in the middle, and facing down it’s length. To their right the Patrols stand in rows, facing up the hall, the Patrol Leaders at the end nearest the Guiders and the Patrol Seconds at the far ends. The Guider gives the command ‘Company, Attention’, then ‘Company, by the left Mark Time’, then ‘Company, Forward March’. The first Patrol Leader marches round behind the Guiders then down the side of the hall, across the bottom, and back up the far side with the other Patrols following in line. The first Patrol Leader then marches round and back down the middle of the hall, and once almost at the bottom, she marches up to the left towards the Guiders and on arrival continues marching on the spot, when she reaches the same point at the bottom the second Patrol Leader marches up to the right, and so on as soon as the last Patrol has marched into place the Guider calls ‘Company, Halt’, and ‘Company, Inward Face’. If you have a Colour Party, they should form up behind the last Patrol as an extra row and march after them that way they will end up in the middle of the horseshoe ready to carry out the ceremony Canada Goose Parka.

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