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My point is, if a single fortune shard (6x) is good enough to get me to just 1 more lvl of carl (3.5x), then why don I just forge a mayhem shard (6x) instead?

Because that Fortune Shard does not only give you increased levels in Carl, but also in Tomb King.

In that section you asked about, I derived this important exponent z_f to translate skull bonuses into damage bonuses. Skull bonuses beat damage bonuses of the same nominal magnitude because this exponent is overall greater than one. It is comprised of two parts, log_{1.05}(1.035) = 0.705 which represents the Tomb King, and log_{25}(3.1) = 0.351 which represents Carl. Together, they add up to = 1.0566, which is greater than one. Actually, if you been picking up all the Slime Orbs from canada goose jackets uk black friday Maurice that came out in the meantime, the canada goose store Carl portion is now log_{25}(3.5) = 0.389 for a total of = canadian goose jacket 1.094, and it uk canada goose outlet just keeps growing every time another Slime Orb or equivalent item becomes available.

Canada Goose sale Picking up the example of your choice to illustrate it: Fortune vs Mayhem. The Fortune Shard means you have 6^0.705 = 3.537 times as much damage on average through Tomb King, and Canada Goose Coats On Sale with the old numbers 6^0.351 = 1.877 times as much damage on average through Carl, Canada Goose Online which, when multiplied together, gives a total of 3.5371.877 = 6.64 = 6^1.0566 times more damage on canada goose factory sale average, which is more than the 6 times more the Mayhem Shard would give. With the new numbers it already 7.104 times as much damage, and it keeps growing with each Slime Orb.

canada goose coats on sale Another question, what is the math assuming (timewise) under the “Skulls to Damage” section? Does the math assume I be grinding for 30 minutes? As far as I can uk canada goose tell, the math doesn include time for “Skulls to Damage” section

canada goose store This observation is correct, the translation is abstracted from time, and also abstracted from actual whole levels. It captures canada goose uk outlet a smooth average rather than an actual run. It is equally approximately valid regardless of how Canada Goose Jackets long you choose to grind or how you play, except that it assumes you allocate skulls to Carl and TK at a fixed ratio, for which I calculated the optimum in another buy canada goose jacket cheap section. But don let this worry you too much, the scaling costs mean you can really do anything else than spending at a roughly fixed ratio even if you dump skulls mindlessly into the two.

You may object that this averaging technique assuming fractional Carl levels is an inappropriate simplification, and that the 5 times more skulls won do anything if you just got a Carl level and need 25 canada goose clearance times more skulls for another one. But then please consider that first, the rounding is less of a problem on Tomb King and Tomb King is more impactful than Carl anyways, and second, there is also times where even 2 times skulls allows you to practically reach another Carl level for 3.1 or 3.5 times damage, or anything in between or more extreme. In the true average case, the continuous approximation grasps the underlying relation extremely well.

canada goose deals Looking at the times of those runs (nice, tidy documentation btw), I suggest not waiting / pushing so long, Canada Goose sale the payback in orbs through farming higher canada goose zones is really poor compared to how much more time that takes. Just reset when your multi world farming is done and you have stopped progressing freely in your current world.

cheap Canada Goose So yeah, in short TLDR. it looks like you just kind of forgot the TK levels those Greed allow you to buy?

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buy canada goose jacket If you basing it on the steam doc that reddit user MarioVX created then it 278 scimitars, 15 mega cubes, and 8 squidstones, however that when you factoring in time. there is no max.

buy canada goose jacket cheap You Canada Goose online still get more damage for every mega cube you make or more skulls for squidstones, it just not worth the time compared to making shards.

canadian goose jacket Specter axe is just not worth it at all, AT ALL.

A list of what you should have more than 1 (in terms of forging):

Canada Goose Outlet Chaos Crests

Death Mugs (MarioVX says cap is 69)

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Canada Goose online I don think you fully understand the factors here, the last time volatility was this high for this long (see VIX index), it took about 5 years to go back to normal.

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