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Anatomy of a Cheongsam

Step 3. Using a zipper foot, stitch the cotton bias tape piping starting at one edge of the neckline all the way to the center front. Carefully snip at the curved areas so it lays flat.Neckline with pipingStep 6.Finish the curved front panels and armholes. I decided to use bias tape Canada Goose Outlet piping instead of fold so I continued to stitch piping along the curved front (top and bottom). I made facings for the curved front panels and armholes, stitched them on using a zipper foot, turned the panels right side out and pressed. The results are neatly finished front panels and armholes.Tip: Facings on the curved front panels will also provide support for the press studs that you will attach canada goose outlet toronto location later. Don forget to carefully snip the curved edges to reduce canada goose outlet reviews bulk when you turn them right side out.Curved front panels finished with piping and facingsArmholes neatly finishedStep 7.Attach invisible zipper to the sides. Position the zip at least an inch from the underarms as it canada goose parka outlet uk is easier to achieve a neat armhole finish without the bulky zipper teeth. For a short but concise tutorial on how to attach an invisible zip invisiblyplease canada goose outlet uk visit the tutorial page.Now you see it, now you don 8.Now that the zip is in place, we can close the side seams. Match canada goose vest outlet up the notches (waist, hips, and slits) along the sides of both the front and back dress parts and pin in place. Make sure canada goose discount uk that the top and bottom curved front panels are lying flat, otherwise they will gape open upon wearing. Stitch canada goose outlet phone number the sides together from the underarms all the way to the slit mark. When you get canada goose outlet shop to the zipper, take care to stitch as close to the top and bottom ends as possible.Make the collar. Again, I opted to add piping to my collar. On the right side of one collar canada goose outlet 80 off piece, stitch the piping starting at one bottom corner and work your way to canada goose parka uk the other end. Use the zipper foot to get as close to the raised cording as possible. Then, place the two collar pieces right sides together and stitch along the edge with the piping sandwiched in between. Snip at the curved edges then turn the collar right side out. Press the seams flat.The canada goose outlet germany finished collarStep 10.Attach collar to the neckline. First, match the canada goose outlet uk fake notches on canada goose outlet canada the outer collar to the neckline seams (two shoulder seams and the center back seam) and pin in place. If you got the measurements right, your collar and neckline should more or less be the same length. Remember the neckline piping? Make sure you don stitch canada goose outlet uk sale over it so use the canada goose outlet store uk zipper foot and feel the cording as you go along. When finished, check your work and press the seam upward towards the collar. Next, fold the inner collar seam inwards and baste it to canada goose outlet official the neckline, as shown in the rightmost photo.Sew in the press studs. Put on your almost finished cheongsam, pull the open front panels close, and mark where you want the press studs to go. When sewing, be canada goose jacket outlet sale careful not to stitch through to the right side of the fabric. This canada goose outlet in chicago is where canada goose outlet buffalo those facings become useful.Step 12.Finish the slits and hem. I found the tip on the original pattern very useful, though the instruction was a bit vague. Let do the right side slit first. Fold the hem towards the right side of the dress an inch or so depending on your preferred length and stitch canada goose outlet us vertically one centimeter from the side. Stitch the slit seams in place. Repeat these steps on the left side slit.

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