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Torb is only really considered a throw pick because dickheads usually pick him and throw by just building turrets uk canada goose in spawn all game. It similar to how people perceive Widow/Hanzo OTPs.Also, many people only play Torb for his turret. If you really do have over 60 hours canada goose on Torb, then you should know how powerful Canada Goose Jackets his Rivet Gun can be in the right hands.Additionally, the devs have even canada goose uk black friday said that not every Hero is supposed to be 100% viable all the time on every map, which I don have a problem with since it adds variety to the game.Defense Heroes (I including Sym in this category) especially are usually niche picks only to be used in certain circumstances like Junkrat on Point A of Temple of Anubis, Bastion on Junkertown, Widow on HLC, Sym on Point A of Eichenwalde, etc. Again, if you really do play Torb as much as you say you do, then you should know how hard a good Torb can carry on first point Defense on Numbani and Hollywood, which are his niche situations.I not saying Torb is in a good spot in the meta right now, but he definitely in a better spot than other Defense Heroes like Sym, Mei, and Bastion.DuskdogTORBJORN, ready to twerk! 9 points submitted 1 month agoFirst Canada Goose sale off: there is a huge difference canada goose coats between “being viable 100% of the time” and “being canada goose uk shop viable 5% of the time”. Nobody that I seen yet has demanded that Torb/Sym be viable all the time merely that they be viable more often than canada goose clearance sale they currently are. (AndSecond: Heroes being viable less will never translate to “more variety” as you propose. It actually inhibits variety. The more heroes that are viable in the more situations, the more flexibility you have in team comps, and the more flexibility the opponent has to counter. Restricting the viability of certain heroes to certain maps and situations only removes them from the pool of choices for other situations, and makes their appearance on their strong maps a lot more predictable. That is the opposite of variety.Third: Yes, Bastion is in the same boat. Mei is actually much better off right now than any of those three, and Sym rework is already in progress, so both of those points are moot. But why does it matter? Just because there are other heroes also in need of attention doesn mean that Torb somehow magically isn I agree that part of the problem is idiots who play Torb wrong. But if a hero basic design allows/encourages that sort of play to such a degree that it actively destroys his reputation as a viable hero pick, then there is a problem with the hero design.Fifth: Yes, a good Torb (or Bastion or Sym I won even address your Junkrat point because Junk is currently an acceptable pick almost everywhere) can hard carry in the very specific situations where they strongest. But that doesn change the fact cheap canada goose uk that those situations are far too infrequent. I hate Bastion, myself, but canadian goose jacket I would never propose that the fact that uk canada goose outlet he is strong only for one point (unless your push is crazy good you almost always swap off Bastion for second point), on one specific map, only on attack, means that he in an okay spot as a hero. Even on Junkertown attack he requires the team comp to cater specifically to him in order to be optimally viable, and the team doesn always go with that. Which is fine, except. oh well, guess you won be playing Bastion at all today.Torb is a lot stronger than people think he is in the right hands, but that doesn actually mean he doesn need any help. When a hero is considered a throw pick in almost every situation Canada Goose Parka even in canada goose uk outlet the hands of the best Torb players in the game, there is a serious Cheap Canada Goose Sale problem with said hero. Part of the issue might canada goose factory sale be rooted in perception rather than reality, but at this point it doesn canada goose clearance matter because it having a drastic Canada Goose Online effect on Torb viability either Canada Goose Coats On Sale way.DuskdogTORBJORN, ready to twerk! 2 points submitted 1 month agoSince when does having small area healing actually encourage people to group up, though?It never works that way for Lucio. :/ In an ideal world, yes, canada goose black friday sale you would have an organized team comp and everyone would be aware that it going to be a Canada Goose online deathball, more or less. Or your rando group would look at the heroes that have been picked, think hmm, looks like we should stay close together in order to maximize the healing we all get! and do exactly that. But how often does that actually happen?When I play Brig, I tell my team that I be with the main tank, and if they stay with me, we win. Period. Sometimes they do and pick heroes that work well with her and we steamroll. But most of the time they canada goose store just flit off doing their own thing, so I end up swapping to a Canada Goose Outlet different healer. which is unfortunate, because I put a lot of time into learning Brig and I very confident in my play. I be excited when she in Comp at canada goose coats on sale last, so I can hopefully play her in a more organized fashion finally.I decided that Brigitte likes cats in lore because playing her is a lot like herding cats.Defense is just another section of DPS. Half unicorndesigns.ca of the characters in Defense are actually better on attack anyway, and the other half are situational picks that people hate you for picking nine times out of ten.Why the hell do people think we need more of that? Just because we haven had a new one in that category yet? How does that even matter, from a gameplay standpoint?I say they should add whatever hero the game needs most, regardless of category. Right now I agree that a buy canada goose jacket cheap tank would be best. In the future, we cheap Canada Goose might need a defense oriented DPS. But right now? No way.WizardryAwaits 2 points submitted 1 month agoI saw this for the first time this week from playing Retribution with plats and golds (normally play comp with masters). I didn think a hero like Moira would be that skill dependent, but it amazing how bad people can be at it.For example, no awareness whatsoever, McCree on 6hp for 20+ seconds, and then after the fight, Moira comes over and pisses all over him and continues to do so for a few seconds after he already at full health. Must have used half of her heals up just on that. That run didn last long.I so used to seeing people do the light spray to top people off with heal over time that it was weird how out of place it was seeing a buy canada goose jacket huge stream of yellow over somebody when no enemies were around.

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