I had a new position and dreamed of a better tomorrow

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cheap canada goose outlet SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe employees worked for Serco, the company that provides non military services for 5 Wing. The layoffs include firefighters, building maintenance workers, two air traffic positions, a weather forecaster, as well as cleaning and administrative staff.They’re happening on the heels of a two year contract extension for Serco at the base.The military says Serco let the workers go mainly due to a decrease in flight training in Labrador.”The Royal Canadian Air Force and 5 Wing remain focused on 5 Wing’s mission to operate the Goose Bay airfield, support Canada’s sovereignty through NORAD, and the provision of an outstanding venue for military training,” said DND public affairs officer Dave Bowen in a statement.”With this in mind, the contract has been updated to better reflect actual and ongoing operations and training that take place at 5 Wing, and to ensure best value for money for Canada and Canadians. The requirement for some services has been reduced, mainly reflecting the substantially decreased use of 5 Wing for low level flight training by Canada’s allies.”5 Wing is mindful of the need to remain efficient and effective within current funding levels cheap canada goose outlet.

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