“But when the dresses came back from the seamstress

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Canada Goose Outlet The silvery underside gave a watery feel, it wasn’t flat.’The bolt was sent to seamstresses with measurements and instructions.”But when the dresses came back from the seamstress, we Canada Goose Outlet were four short and we didn’t realise until we had filmed the bomb scene, when the long sequinned dresses are destroyed.”Doing their best heavy weaponry impression, Schofield canada goose sale and her team had taken cheese graters, blow torches, spray paint and oil to the glittering frocks. “It was great fun”, she said, until the team realised they were four gowns down.”Right, we’ll take the bodices off the short dresses and remake the skirt for the long sequin dresses,” Schofield recalls. The team cleared out Canada Goose Sale the dining tent and, taking a trestle table each, set to work.Time and time again, she praises her “wonderful” team and the “fantastic” actors. Canada Goose Outlet

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